10 Hidden Messages In Movies That Kamal Hassan Shown To Society

hidden messages in kamal movies

Kamal Hassan movies always creates sensation when released, Though his movies had not gained much commercial values in box office, there are always been a hidden messages in movies which he had contributed to the society. This Indian actor who was born 7 years after Indian Independence have almost acted in all shades of Film industry. Lets see his list of movies which has hidden message and effect in the society.

10. SivappuRojakal – Psycho Man

kamal hassan hidden messages in movies sivapu rojakal
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It was a period of time in 70’s, a man called Psycho Raman was caught for murdering women. Our Ulaganayagan took the call to act a movie with hidden message about this incident to the world. In SivappuRojakal Kamal Hassan portrays that man killing list of women.

      “Remember to Respect Women

9. Sathya – Unemployment

kamal hassan hidden messages in movies sathya
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When Unemployment killed number of talented youth in India, Kamal Hassan’s Sathya presented the pain of a youth who suffered of being unemployed to the world.

“Every Youth Has Greater Potential”

8. Devar Magan – Communal Clash

kamal hassan hidden messages in movies devarmagan
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This blockbuster movie Devarmagan conveys communal clash as the hidden message in the movie. This tamil movie clearly presents the attitude of many village leaders and their groups to the public. It was the movie where Kamal Hassan joined hands with Sivaji turned huge hit.

“Everyone Here Are Humans”

7. Mahanadhi – Finance

kamal hassan hidden messages in movies mahanadi
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The time when people began to get cheated by finance companies, Kamal Hassan’s Mahanadhi released conveying this hidden message to people.

“Believe In Your Own Hands”

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6. HeyRam – Religious Clash

kamal hassan hidden messages in movies heyram
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The Word Hey Ram is supposed to be Gandhi’s last words. It was popularly believed as such. But the movie he dies without saying those words. The movie portrayed hindu-muslim clashed which foresight Gujarat Riot that happened at that time. This was one of the great movie that super stars of Kollywood and Bollywood joined hands at that time.

“Live and Let Live”

5. Anbe Sivam – Tsunami

kamal hassan hidden messages in movies anbesivam
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When you hear Anbe Sivam song, you may feel the peaceful vibration in your heart. The movie Anbe Sivam ofcourse doesn’t gives a hidden message but gives us a direct message about loving mankind. But the movie Anbe Sivam used the word Tsunami in which no one of us known about this at that time.

“Learn The Art of Living”

4. Vettaiyadu Vilayadu – Serial Killers in Society

kamal hassan hidden messages in movies vettaiyadu vilayadu
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Vettaiyadu Vilayadu got the hidden message from the characters Ilamaran and Amudhan. It was the time when Noida Serial Killer was caught. Many of us would say that these are Kamal Hassan’s Instinct. But his every movie has an hidden meaning and message to the society.

“Don’t Miss Use Your Potential”

3. Dasavatharam – Deadly Virus and Vaccines

kamal hassan hidden messages in movies dasavatharam
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Dasavatharam is the movie in which Kamal Hassan had done 10 roles and created history. In this movie no one could ever forget the Tsunami climax. This movie clearly pictured the Tsunami and effects of it visually. Dasavatharam is also one of the list of hidden messages in movies of tamil cinema which foresight the ebola virus. The entire movie revolves round the journey of deadly virus which could drastically take away millions of lives.

2. Unnaipol Oruvan

kamal hassan hidden messages in movies unnaipol oruvan
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The anger of a comman man against the terrorism in the society. The movie released in 2009. You could find the hidden message in the movie which is the result of a terror attacks that happened in 2009.

“You Can Do Anything in The World. If You Decided To”

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1. Papanasam

kamal hassan hidden messages in movies papanasam
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In the Era of Whatsapp in which the girls are badly prone to victim of death through the video blackmails that are taken without their knowledge. Papanasam is one of the strong emotional remakes in tamil movies that gives a strong message to parents as well as to students.

“Don’t Mess Up With Family”