Google Map Introduces Two Wheeler Mode For Bikers In India

How often do you use google maps on your smartphone? Of course, you do, when you step out to an unknown place.

No matter how you travel, Could be a train or bus or a car, Google maps app is always a great travel companion for everyone.

Google continues in improving the user experience basis the need. In addition to the Google Maps primary objective of showing the best routes, The app also tells you the nearby restaurants, petrol pumps, temples and shopping centers.

A few weeks ago, google maps users would have noticed a new question in the app “Do you usually drive a two-wheeler?” with answer options ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

Two Wheeler Mode Question

Google took a survey of two-wheeler users in India and interestingly it has rolled out a new feature, “The Two Wheeler mode”.

Two wheeler mode in Google Maps

Now you can choose a Two-wheeler mode of travel when you decide to go for a place. All narrow Indian streets are exposed to the Google Map which bikers can make use of it.

This new Two wheeler mode of Google maps provides the best route to reach your designation. It is also observed that the time taken is lesser than Car and Public Transport modes. You can find this new feature on the Google Map app’s latest version 9.67.1.

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