Gmail Go App: Google releases new app for low memory android devices

Gmail go
Image Source: Playstore

Google has launched new mobile app “Gmail Go” developed especially for low memory android mobile users. Gmail Go has the same features like normal gmail app and the enhancement of the gmail go app is that it is fully designed for low memory android users and unnecessary elements has been removed.

Gmail Go is designed for all android mobile users even basic android memory version from 512 MB. Go app is much compatible when compared to other mail app and works on all android smart phone very fast with very less internet consumption.

Google created this app only for business users who are unable to access the gmail in short period of time while roaming around the world. NOW any person can access the gmail anywhere anytime at instant.

Comparison of Gmail and Gmail Go:

Gmail App: Gmail Go App:
Gmail has categorized inboxes Gmail Go has categorized inboxes
Gmail has 15 GB of cloud storage, multiple account support. GmailGo has 15 GB of cloud storage, multiple account support.
Gmail has a 20.66 MB download size and 47 MB of size Gmail Go only has a 9.51 MB download size and a 25 MB of size
High Memory Android Users Low Memory Android Users


Good News is that the Business travelers around the world can access the gmail at instant, hereafter no one needs to wait for your gmail loading for long. Now Google Go is in your palm. Download the new GoogleGo app from google playstore and start explore YOU and the WORLD..!