Fury – movie review

Image courtesy -www.theguardian.com

I am always a fan of war movies. I like the portrayal of destruction the war movie gives. And Fury does not disappoint me. There was never a dull moment in the movie. It felt really intense. The whole movie gave me the intensity equal to the first twenty minutes of Saving Private Ryan. 

Destruction is really beautiful. The sense of the protagonist Wardaddy is really cool. I am not going to tell the plot. I am going to analyse the main characters. All the characters did good. First let me start with Coon-Ass. He does not appear like a likeable character. He has a don’t give a damn attitude. And it is because of this attitude, he seems really believable and moderately likeable. He betrays the purpose of his character when he apologized to Norman (I’ll get to him soon). At that time, it felt as if the character only exists in imagination not in real life. His No mercy attitude should have maintained throughout the movie or should have sought forgiveness when he was about to die.

Now Gordo. This character felt out of place to me. I mean it felt like he used the f-word just for the sake of using the f-word. The conversation did not appear real and Fury tries to be real and unbiased. This character tries to be funny and you won’t invest that much of your attention on him.

Now Bible (I guess he got his name quoting Bible verses). He is really believable. I kind of liked him. He has this high sense of belief. He can sympathise with people especially his crew. It shows directly in his face. And you are able to feel what he shows. And I (not a native English speaker) was able to follow him.

Then Norman. I do not buy this character. He appeared as someone who bitches and whines about killing people because of his high sense of ideal and that he won’t betray his conscience. This character transformed into a killing machine. I can’t seem to get how he did that. Yeah WarDaddy showed him the cruelty of war. But was that enough to make Norman believe that he liked the experience of killing people? And how did he turn into that killing machine character at such a rapid speed?

Now, WarDaddy. Fury lets you to believe that WarDaddy is the expert on the inside of war. He knows how it is. And it is clear that WarDaddy is here to kill Nazis. Now, WarDaddy feels pain. But he won’t show it to his mates. And it lets us feel the human side of WarDaddy. He is this expert and he is this human who will guide his mates to be alive. The character is well portrayed.

So, yeah the plot revolves around these characters at different sides of their missions. There is a really intense scene in the middle. And the climax is explosive. I am giving it a 4/5.