8 Things That Made Fool Out Of Indians

made fool out of indians
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I’m an Indian. I always feel proud to be an Indian. But this article is the result of some of the question ‘Why did I ?’ And it extended my mind to think ‘Why did We?’.
This may sound wired but if you read the entire article I believe that you might also think atleast a moment. People in India are highly talented. People in India are hard workers. Indians are logical thinkers. Yes we might have come across various such universally accepted statements that people outside the India think. And we have many multi talented people who prove the brilliance and excellency of Indians. Yet I have some questions which made me to think how dare people are doing this with Indians? Are we fools? This may sound very rude. We are not fools. But some instances are turning us to portray like a fool. Here I would like to list you something that we all had impact.

8. Used iPhone launch

Apple has recently announced that it is sooner going to sell the used iPhone in Indian Market. My question is why Indian Market? Why not Japanese Market? What made the Apple CEO think about selling the used iPhone? Is it our craziness towards iPhone? Or What else?
used iphone for indians
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7. KFC

Banned in many countries. Pathogens is identified in KFC chicken. My god! Rat found too. Still KFC rocks Indian Market. We are celebrating our days in KFC. When there is a get to gather planned with friends, we opt KFC! When it is our friends birthday, we say ‘Dude lets go to KFC for treat’! But dude, Why?
kfc rat indians
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6. Pizza

We scold our mom when she serves vegetable on Sunday. We keep the vegetables aside in our tiffen box at lunch. But we enjoy the vegetables when the American name it as a eatable along with wheat.
pizza in india
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5. Kinder Joy

Our children’s today beloved joy now-a-days. This Kinder Joy is being banned in America. Have you noticed that kids are crazy about kinder joy because of the toy which comes along. They might fool the kids with their marketing strategy. But how come it fool parents too?
kinder joy banned
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4. Farmers

We say Agriculture is the backbone of our country. The world recognizes Indian Rice quality than any other country in the world. In our olden days there were no artificial fertilizers, our farmers have made it. And we also notice that our Grandpa and Grandma’ s health at the age of 70 equals our health at age of 40. We lost the quality of food yet we accept and eat. We do like and share the pain of farmers in Facebook, we clap and whistle when our Favorite actor talks about farmer pride in movie. But we don’t even consider Agriculture as a Job opportunity.
kathi dialogue for farmers
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3. Working in MNC is a Pride. Working in Indian Startup is a Crime

Today we see mass of Engineering graduates pass out every year. When we have a campus interview where two companies come, say CTS and Any Indian Startup. How many of us opt for that Indian Company? How many of us will turn bridegroom when we work for a Indian Startup? Even a girl’s family prefer a person working in a foreign MNC than a person working in a Indian Startup.
mnc and startup employee indian
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2. Maggi and Porn Ban

Most of us don’t remember the name “Noodles” rather we know only “Maggi”. When the experts prove that this is harmful to health, Supreme Court of India banned. But no longer in a month lesser than the ban, Maggi recorded higher sale record when the ban was lifted. Come on guys, what is this!
Our Government also banned Porn, but within a week it was removed. Who is making us fool here?
maggi and porn ban india
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1. Freedom 251 scam

And Freedom 251. I too ordered. But today it is announced as Scam. This made me to think all these and share this article with you.
freedom 251 scam
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About the Author
I’m an Indian. Working in a MNC. I’m sorry if i’m wrong. I too ordered Freedom 251 and when i saw this news in Times of India, these things came up in my mind