10 Famous People With Learning Disabilities

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If there is a disability to read, write, listen, speak and organize information then, this is Dyslexia- learning disability. Isn’t learning disability a barrier to academic life? Doesn’t that mean it is difficult for a person with learning disability to achieve and become famous? The answer to these questions, is a definite “No”.

Here is a list of top 10 famous people with learning disabilities who did not let their learning disability stand in their way of success.

1. Albert Einstein

The most famous personality Albert Einstein who is known as the Genius more than a scientist, was a person with learning disability. He had a poor memory and had learning difficulty. He struggled with words. His teacher discarded him stating that Einstein could not socialize and that he could not answer the simplest problems. But Albert Einstein turned to be one of the famous people with learning disabilities.

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Could anyone believe that Albert Einstein who invented the most powerful weapon- nuclear bomb, had learning disability? Thus he not only quoted: “All great things are simple” but this great scientist also proved it!

2. Alexander Graham Bell

Today the world is connected and people at one remote corner are able to easily communicate with the other one at a distant location because of the seed sown by Alexander Graham Bell.

Graham Bell is one of the famous people with learning disabilities who did not let learning disability stop him from realizing his dream. He had learning disability in his childhood. His wife’s and mother’s deafness forced him in the path to invent a hearing device. He was one of the founding members of National Geographic Society in 1888.

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Don’t you doubt that if a person with learning disability could invent remarkable things? Yes! Alexander Graham Bell did. He was a renowned scientist, engineer and innovator. He is one of the famous people with learning disabilities who made history.

3. Walt Disney

The man who created a new world for everyone is one of the famous people with learning disabilities. The founder of the Disney land, Walt Disney had suffered from learning disability. He was a great producer, animator, director and entrepreneur. He succeeded in making his dream come true. He fought with his disability and finally overpowered it.

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Could one miss Walt Disney in the list of top 10 people with learning disabilities?! A person who suffered with learning disability at his childhood is the creator of the famous cartoon character “Mickey Mouse”.

4. Thomas Alva Edison

This renowned scientist is one of the world famous people with learning disabilities, whose contribution the human race takes pride had learning disability.

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Thomas Edison was thrown out of school as he was slow at learning, found difficulty to speak and was weak at math. He could not read until he was 12 years and he always found difficulty in writing. His determination and hard work defeated his disability. With 1093 inventions, Thomas Alva Edison created history. He is the inspiration for thousands of young minds.

A person who had learning disability has become the inspiration and role model to many. He has left his footprints in the sands of time by overriding his learning disability with his creative ability.

5. Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill, once said in his speech that he was, on the whole, considerably discouraged during his schooldays and that it was not pleasant to feel so completely outclassed and left behind at the beginning of the race. The leader of Great Britain during the World War II was a person with learning disability. He fought with his disability. He fought with courage not only the war but also his learning disability. He worked hard to overcome the situation that he faced in his schooldays and won the battle.

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He is one of the famous people with learning disabilities who achieved with despite their learning disability. He experimented and then stated, “Success consists of going failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm”.

6. Leonardo da Vinci

The world’s famous paintings, “Mona Lisa and The Last Supper” are the works of a person who had learning disability. He spelt strangely and wrote backwards. His learning disability did not stand in the way of him becoming a renowned painter, architect and scientist. He was self-taught and has left many inventions and observations which are still not resolved. He earned a place in history by not letting his learning disability rule him.

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7. Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie who revolutionized the field of writing in 20th and 21st century had learning disability. She had difficulty to understand the written words.

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No one would ever believe that a person with learning disability turned out to be famous novelist. Agatha Christie is a famous novelist who is known for her mystery plots.

8. Ingvar Kamprad

The world’s largest furniture store in the world, IKEA is the product of Ingvar Kamprad who is one of the famous people with learning disabilities.

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Have you ever wonder why IKEA has unique name for its products? Those product names are unique Swedish names. When Ingvar Kamprad started his business, he had difficulty in identifying the products by numbers. So, in order to solve his problem he found a bright solution. He associated each product with name of Swedish places. Thus he turned his learning disability into a feature which has won applauses worldwide.

9. Tom Cruise

Hollywood star Tom Cruise has been nominated for 3 Academy awards is one among the famous people with learning disabilities. He has also won 3 Golden Globe Awards. He had learning disability. He was able to understand words and read only as an adult.

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Aren’t you surprised that a man who started his career at the young age of 19, had learning disability? Not only his movies top the list of successful movies in Hollywood but he also tops the list of famous people with disabilities.

10. Abhishek Bachchan

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Abhishek Bachchan who has become a famous classical actor is also one among the list of famous people with learning disabilities. He during his child hood attended a special school. He fought with his learning disability and has gradually become a great actor. He has managed to enter his name in the list of famous people with learning disabilities.