How To Transform Your Face – Gender, Age, Smile Using FaceApp

Image - Medulla Infomata | Faceapp

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and thought these?

  • How would you look when you grow older?
  • How would your face be if you were born opposite gender?

Oh! that sounds funny right! But, you have to accept the fact that we have grown a long way to making these things possible with just a single tap.

AI(Artificial Intelligence) has made things possible. If you have an iPhone or android smartphone, you can right away open it and see your future face in FaceApp 🙂

So, You should know about FaceApp in detail to experience the fun.

What is FaceApp?

Being named intelligently, This app is not a combination of Facebook and Whatsapp as many think. FaceApp is the free photo editor app that transforms the faces of the individual.

You can take a selfie and edit your photo to make yourself older or younger and even change the gender.

Who is behind the FaceApp?

FaceApp is founded and headed by Yaroslav Goncharov. He was a former Technical Lead in Microsoft who worked on Airsync DirectPush architecture. Then, he joined as a CTO in SPB Software and moved to Yandex heading Mobile Platform.

In the year of 2014, Yaroslav’s effort to integrate artificial intelligence in adding a smile to the photography succeeded. And there born an App, FaceApp.

FaceApp proved its intelligence in transforming the human face in iOS platform. After its success in Apple world, Yaroslav has rolled out the FaceApp to Android users.

You can see FaceApp is offered by Wireless Lab company in the Play store.

What can FaceApp do?

Initially, Yaroslav aimed at developing an app that could add smiles to the serious photos. But is that all this app do?

Definitely No! FaceApp can turn your face older or younger. FaceApp can turn you a female if you are male and vice versa.

If Aishwarya Rai doesn’t smile, we can make her smile!

faceapp smile
Image – Medulla Infomata | Faceapp

OMG! Is it?

Yup! We can make her smile even better.

faceapp smile 2
Image – Medulla Infomata | Faceapp

It can also make her look older.

faceapp old look review
Image – Medulla Infomata | Faceapp

What does FaceApp offer user?

Fun! The Realistic fun out of your selfie.

How does FaceApp work?

If you are curious about knowing how can an app do all these? You need to know about Neural Network and Artificial Intelligence.

FaceApp scans your face through artificial intelligence. It transforms your face older, younger and adds smiles through the generative convolutional neural network.

If you take a selfie and use collage feature you can realize how each of your pictures is getting transformed to give a photorealistic image.

How to use FaceApp?

  1. Download FaceApp(by Wireless Lab) from the Playstore.
  2. Open the app, Take a selfie or choose a photo from your gallery.
  3. The app will process your image and gives the output in the below formats.
    Original, Smile1 – a slight smile, Smile 2 – a bigger smile, Spark – a hot look, Old – With grey hairs, Young, Female, Male
  4. Applying Gender filter for a single image is currently unavailable.
  5. Choose a Collage mode (Duo or Multi collage) and add your favorite transformed images to get an output.
  6. Your Final FaceApp image will be stored in the gallery along with the original photo.

Limitations of Free FaceApp

  1. The watermark of “FaceApp” will be present in your final photo.
  2. Ads will be shown.
  3. Slower photo processing.

If you wish to get rid of these limitations, FaceApp Pro Version will help.

FaceApp Popularity

faceapp playstore review
Image Source – Faceapp Playstore

So, what do you think about FaceApp now? Do leave your thoughts in the comments below.