Evolution of Indian National Flag

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Happy Independence Day Dude.! Do you know that our Indian national flag was not compiled at a single go? Yes, our tricolor flag went through various changes before what is it today. Let’s traverse through history to find the breakpoints in the evolution of our Indian national flag.

The information in this article is taken from the website of Government of India. http://india.gov.in/

1. First flag said to be the Indian national flag was hoisted on August 7, 1906 in Kolkata. This was the first unofficial Indian flag to be flown.

Image Course – http://knowindia.gov.in/

This Indian flag was composed of three colors, green, yellow and red with the words Vande Mataram inscribed in the center.

2. In 1907, the second form of evolution of Indian National flag was hoisted in Paris by Madam Cama and her group of revolutionaries.

Image Source – http://knowindia.gov.in/

If you observe the flag closely, you will find that except for a few changes, this flag is similar to the first one.

3. The Indian National flag was hoisted during Home Rule Movement (1917), by Dr. Annie Besant and Lokmanya Tilak was the third phase in the formation of Indian flag.

This evolution of Indian National flag was the most colourful version of the Indian Flag.

Image Source – http://knowindia.gov.in/

The flag consisted red and green horizontal lines and also had the Union Jack at the top left

4. A youngster presented this version which let us portrait the evolution of Indian National flag to Mahatma Gandhi in 1921 during the All India Congress Committee session that took place in Bezwada (now Vijaywada) in Andhra Pradesh.

The red and green color in the flag represents two communities – Hindus and Muslims.

Image Source - http://knowindia.gov.in/
Image Source – http://knowindia.gov.in/

As per Gandhiji’s suggestion, a white strip was included which indicated other religions and communities and a spinning wheel which portrays the progress of India.

5. The year 1931 was a landmark in the history of the evolution of Indian national flag. The tricolor was adopted as the Indian national flag of India as per a resolution passed.

Image Source - http://knowindia.gov.in/
Image Source – http://knowindia.gov.in/

The three colors include saffron, white and green with Mahatma Gandhi’s spinning wheel or charkha in the centre.

6. The Constituent Assembly adopted the earlier version as the flag of Independent India.

Image Source - http://knowindia.gov.in/
Image Source – http://knowindia.gov.in/

However, the only difference carried out was that Gandhiji’s spinning wheel was replaced by emperor Ashoka’s Dharma Chakra. This thus became the flag of Independent India in 1947.

Let us salute, the nation’s pride- The Indian National Flag, which reminds the freedom of India and also the lives of many who made Independence possible. Vande Mataram!