Finally Engineering Helped People To Save Lives In Chennai Rain

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I am proud to say that I am an engineering professional.

Chennai has met with a natural disaster in the form of flood. Many were trapped in flood. There were many volunteers who stepped immediately and helped to make the situation better. When it was figured out, most of the volunteers were from the younger generation and from NGO’s. Engineering professional’s was part of this volunteers and their service to the flooded Chennai is commendable.

Engineers and IT professionals all over India, contributed enormously in the form of money, food, blankets, and drinking water bottles. NRIs have also contributed in surplus.

Professionals from Bangalore have come all the way to do service in Chennai and Cuddalore. They did not hesitate to volunteer when called for help. They did not mind their long travel. Without a second thought, they made it to the affected areas. They organized into teams and they directed themselves into water logged areas. They entered rehabilitation centers and houses submerged in water. They distributed food packets and water packets.

Due to network and electricity issues, many were not able to communicate to their distant relatives. Many relatives were worried and wanted to know the state of their dear ones in Chennai. The current professionals gathered friends from their colleges and formed a team.  They made their service known through social media. They volunteered to help these worried relatives, who did not hear from their close ones since flood. They checked the areas and updated the status to the worried relatives. This was really a great move. They joined hands with many NGO’s and RJ’s who were helping the flood affected areas. They also helped in getting people out from flooded areas.

Many professionals created live blogs and updated the news. They updated the situation of each area in detail. This was of timely help to many. Especially to people who were cut off or were not able to communicate with their relatives.

Above all they were the ones who first realized that money is not that matters. They wisely used the online platform and induced many to involve in this flood relief activities.

Here are some of the interesting ideas that engineering students have used to save people in Chennai rain.

Actor Dhanush have appreciated this engineer’s effort and twitted in his twitter page to use such innovative ideas to save elders.

chennai rain and engineer idea
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These Engineers applied Faraday’s Shield to protect their child.

chennai rain and engineer idea
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This Engineer have applied Buoyancy

chennai rain and engineer idea
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Co-Founder and CEO of OLA is an Engineer who have implemented OLA Boat to help people.

chennai rain and engineer idea ola boat
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This viral meme in FB explains a lot about the contribution of an Engineer

chennai rain and engineering idea
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People who criticized that engineers/ IT professionals do not understand the agony of other people can no more speak up against them. They have witnessed the help that these mega minds have rendered. Hats Off to all those who did marvelous job! I take pride in calling myself an engineering professional