Emflux One : India’s First and Fast Electric Superbike [200 km in 3 Sec]

Emflux motors electric vehicle
Image Source: Emflux Motors

The Indian company “Emflux Motors” is recently started for Electric Two-wheeler vehicle manufacturing. Being equipped with a passionate team, the company made its maiden electric bike launch in India at Auto Expo 2018.

This Emflux one electric bike price cost will be 6 Lakhs (On-road). Besides Emplux one is designing another standard version of electric superbikes and cost of that new version of the electric bike will be 11 lakhs.

Emflux Motors gonna start their two-wheeler booking by next 6 months from now and new electric two-wheeler expected to deliver in April 2019.

The Emflux One Two wheeler is energized by a 9.7 kWh lithium battery powered by Samsung have a 60kW motor.

This Electric vehicle is capable of achieving top 200 kmph speed in 3 seconds.

Emflux also planned to launch another two variant of superbikes with the range of 150km and 200km speed which is going to be the biggest milestone in Motor Vehicle Industry in India.