5 Effective Easy Ways To Lose Weight For Happy Living

easy ways to lose weight
Image Courtesy - Livestrong

Losing weight without any exercise can now be possible. Wondering how?

You gotta know the easy ways to lose weight.

Here are few ways if incorporated into your daily routine will help you lose a considerable amount of weight.

5. Try Banana Stem Juice

This works miracles in your body. Banana stem juice is a detox to your body. This is usually made into a juice with buttermilk and salt.

It doesn’t taste bad at all.

Anyone who loves buttermilk will have no issues at all in drinking this. Do not forget to remove the fiber junk while preparing the juice. It helps to remove toxins it is a very powerful remedy for kidney stones. Even if you don’t have one it is definitely gonna help you get away with the fat.

4. Love Green Tea

This is absolutely one of the easy ways to lose weight. It is becoming a trend now to have green tea instead of any other beverage as it’s considered healthy. Not only healthy, it is a good antioxidant. Make sure you make the green tea in hot water without sugar.

Add honey for taste. I totally agree that the taste sucks. But worth giving it a shot.

Do not throw away the tea bags after use. Squeeze the excess water out and keep it on your eyelids to get away with your dark circles.

3. Cut Down Rice

This is the hardest part for any Indian and especially we southern ones.

But believe me, this is one of the best easy ways to lose weight and among many proven techniques. This will play a major part in your weight loss.

If you find it difficult to give up, Why don’t you try replacing rice with any tiffin items?

If you are very particular about having rice, take a small quantity for your breakfast.

2. Say No to Sugar

Even if you work out really hard, your sugar intake and weight loss are gonna be inversely proportional.

Try avoiding sweets, chocolates and drink fresh juices without sugar.

Oh, yah! this may sound challenging!

Tell your juice wala not to add sugar, he will be happy as he is going to save.

1. Add Papaya or Watermelon To Dinner

This is going to be the toughest part, at least for me as I am very hungry at dinner time. It’s an age old myth but still lemme tell you.

The quantity of food should be in a decreasing order from breakfast to dinner.

And during this process, if you have papaya or watermelon for dinner it will be a Bonanza.

If you still think that these easy ways won’t help to lose weight, Why don’t you just give a try?

In case you need to loose even more take a look at these simple yoga poses.