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Are you a music lover? Well, we all love to hear songs. So, do you also create your own music? Well, few have the passion of creating wonderful music albums. Some people also create music as a hobby. But how would you feel if your hobby fetches you money? Yes, this online marketplace let you turn your music to money. This music platform Doopaadoo delights the music creators as well as listeners.

What is

Doopaadoo is the online marketplace founded by Madhan Karky and his friends. Madhan Karky is a son of renowned lyricist Vairamuthu. He is also a research associate, software engineer graduated from Anna University, Guindy, Chennai. Madhan Karky already has a personal website in his name “karky”. This new website is created to cultivate the musician in you. If you are an individual or a band who can create awesome music and wonderful songs, then is for you. Doopaadoo bridges the gap between the music industry and small artists. Anyone who has talent in music can compose a song and release it in The website has an interesting provision for the listeners. You can listen to any type of song listed in and they will pay for you.

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Features of

Once you sign up for Doopaadoo, you can upload your own music and song with your own copyright. You can get the genuine review about your music album through their elaborative rating. has the option for the listeners to rate a song in the below segment.

  • No comments
  • Terrible
  • Unpleasant
  • Bad
  • Passable
  • Average
  • Okay
  • Not bad
  • Good
  • Pleasant
  • Great
  • Brilliant
  • Amazing
  • Terrific
  • Out of the world.
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Under each song, a detailed info about the song will be present. This includes

  • Song title
  • Album title
  • Song description
  • Song mood
  • Lyric language
  • Date of launch
  • Duration

Hence, you can overview the song before you listen.

Highlights of

You can create as many as Playlist of your own.

You can change app language to English/Tamil/Telugu/Hindi according to your convenience.

Categories Split up:

  • DOOPAADOO PUBS – Pub numbers
  • DOOPAADOO TALKIES – People sharing their Music Experience
  • MOVIE BOX – Movie wise Collection
  • INDIE BOX – Ind. Pop Group
  • HOT SHOTS – Day wise Songs

You can choose your Favourite Language as Tamil/Telugu. (Currently, only Kabali Telugu songs were uploaded it will increase in future.)

What is Special in

Here we go! pays for the listeners. For the first time in the history of music, An Indian music website pays to the people who listen to music in their website. Are you excited? Of course, at the time of the official launch of the website, Madhan Karky was asked:“How do you get money from to pay every listener?”. He stated “Every time when a user plays a song, an ad will be shown. Hence, get money from advertisers and pay 40% to the creators and 10% to the listeners. Source.

For Each song, you hear you will get 1 coin and once you reach 500 coins you can claim it through the Paytm wallet (linked to the registered Email account).

Hot in

Director Venkat Prabhu has officially launched the teaser of his upcoming movie Chennai 600028 part 2. Chennai 6000028 is the first movie to release their songs through Doopaadoo and it has already reached its masses and turned to as a profitable venture for in the prevailing piracy scenario. (Karky confirmed it in Chennai 6000028 II press meet). is live only in its beta version. There is an option available for every user to give feedback about the website. Review For Betterment

  • Users should be instructed on how to use their earned coins.
  • Improve user interface.
  • Decrease page loading time. 
  • Helper guide documentation for music creators on “How to upload songs in Doopaadoo” and “How to monetize music in Doopaadoo” should be available on the website.
  • Search option to look for the particular song is not working properly.
  • Need to switch between Video/Lyrical Video/Audio/making Video/Karaoke for a song if all features are available.

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