He Spends Four Years to Document The Real Ghost Haunting His House

Ghost Movies have been haunting round the cities in Kollywood. Series of horror films releasing now-a-days give us the best thrill out of theaters. Since we are searching for something in our mind that could give us the ultimate thrill from the real incidents. We have number of records for real Ghost haunting across the world.

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This man Michael DMagee observed some strange things happened around him in the house which he is dwelling. Scared of things when got worse, Michael decided to leave the house. But one day he got a brave idea to capture every live activities that went strange. He might have read about many real ghost haunting stories in real life. But this time, he wanted to experience on his own.

Michael DMagee decided to set up few cameras around his house. He had given eyes to every nook and corner of his house to record those paranormal activities that was happening around in his house.

This guy didn’t disturbed his camera set up for 4 years. He began recording each and every activities. Living in a ghost haunted house for four years made him to prepare a documentary of things that he captured of a real ghost haunting.

Video Source – MichaelDMagee

Watch at your own risk

He opened up an Youtube channel and uploaded his video. Watching of live ghost haunting in a house created interest among people. The video hits approximately 20 lakh views as of now.

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Paranormal activities by Michel have become trending today. He has also created his social media pages for his followers. Michael is available in YoutubeFacebook, Tumblr.

Owing to the success of recent true story based Horror tamil movies like Maya and Strawberry, this real ghost haunting video could create an urge of experiencing the real thrill for you.

What do you think.? His 4 Years Work is a real ones or Prank.? Tell us in comments.