Go for the Gold – Different Indian Gold Jewellery Designs and Styles

Different Indian Gold Jewellery Designs
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Gold holds an importance significance in Indian households. It is a symbol of wealth, status, elegance, love, femininity and is a fundamental part of many rituals. Sometimes used as a security in times of contingency, sometimes as an ornament to flaunt. Gold has never failed to mesmerize us, and, so has gold jewellery.  

Women and jewellery are two inseparable, incomplete terms. Travel back to the Mughal era and you’ll find the Rani’s and Raja’s all decked from head to toe with precious jewels. No matter what age or era you belong to, the glamorous gold jewellery is here to stay. The most preferred jewelry type has always amazed us. Each year an old trend comes back with a fresh design and becomes the new fashion trend.  Even the trends that started back then are widely accepted by the people.

Bingo! This ever-sparkling, ever-glittering gold jewellery never goes out of fashion.

Different Indian Gold Jewelry Designs
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The Famous Art of Artisans

Gold jewellery works as a famous art of artisans here. The Indian gold jewelry is appreciated for its craftsmanship not only in India but across the globe. The intricate designs, the fine luster, every detail about the Indian gold jewellery is simply awe-inspiring. Beholding the rich tradition & culture of the heritage of India in its designs, the Indian Gold Jewelry designs are the perfect blend of vintage and modern designs.

It is that one jewellery type that you need to have in your jewellery box!

Not-To-Be-Missed Gold Jewellery Item

Gold jewellery items are some of the most adorned ornaments by the woman in India. Anklets, bracelets, arm bands, toe rings, nose rings, rings, bangles, earrings and other traditional gold accessories can add a lot of charm to your ethnic attire. Pair it up with almost anything and then just enjoy the limelight. Some not-to-be-missed gold jewellery pieces are listed below down for you:

  1. Gold Bangles
  2. Gold Earrings
  3. Gold Necklaces
  4. Gold Rings
  5. Gold Kama bandh
  6. Gold Nose Rings or Naths

Gold jewellery is absolutely charming and captivating in a traditional outlook.  Even a minimal look, combined with matching gold jewellery can make you look like a million bucks.

About the Author - Sneha Jaiswal
Sneha Jaiswal, a fashion designer. Loves doing analysis on latest trends on designer jewellery and provides her views. She has written several articles focusing on diamond, gold & Jadaau Polki jewellery according to latest trend.