Why Dhoom 3 rocked box office?

dhoom 3
Image Courtesy -pencurimovie.cc

Dhoom 3 explains how we as an audience likes to go to a theatre and scream and whistle for every scene, can be considered as entertainment.

This analysis is bound to contain spoilers. Before delving deep into the analysis, let me give you my rating for the movie.

My rating: 4.5/5

Does my rating sound high? Yeah! It might sound high to many. But I feel the movie deserves this rating. So. Why Dhoom 3 clicks with the audience? The answer to this question is not singular. There is many a reason why this movie works with the audience. First off, is the name of the franchise, “Dhoom”.

dhoom 3
Image Courtesy -pencurimovie.cc

In a Dhoom movie, we know what we are going to expect. And that is Action! We are going to expect chase. We are going to find our lead characters in a messy situation and they are going to escape their messy situation with a solution not many would think of and not many would dare to do. Does Dhoom 3 offer all this? Yeah, it certainly does.

The next is Aamir Khan. This man is an enough reason for many to go into the theatre to watch a movie. And he is playing a baddie in the movie, a baddie after Fanaa. This definitely makes an audience expect something out of the movie. And Katrina Kaif, is going to be his love interest. We all would love to see how this pair will work out on screen. That also created audiences’ expectations of this Dhoom movie.

These are the external reasons for triggering the stir in the audience. But a brand name alone cannot make one movie a blockbuster. Seventy-five percent of the audiences’ expectations should be met if not all for a movie to turn out as a blockbuster.

These are the factors inside the movie that makes an audience want to watch it. First is the incredible back story of Samar and Sahir. I guess this movie is a little inspired by the Christopher Nolan directed “The Prestige.” This back story is the most serious of all the movies in the Dhoom franchise. And this serious back story contributes a lot to the audiences’ interest in the plot. It makes everyone invest their interest in the plot.

The next would be the stylish performance which mainly includes the Great Indian circus. The shows are spectacular. And the song sequence featuring the circus show performance is really incredible. How much did these actors prepare for their characters? It looks really believable. The stunts are top notch. The chase scenes are fantabulous. Thus, style is a huge factor which contributed to the success of the movie.

The next up are the Con jobs. I mean, what is a Dhoom movie without Cons right? This interesting repetitive con jobs by Jai Dixit and Sahir is so amazing. Just when you think one character gets a lead over the other, you will find yourself seeing another amazing con by the character who our deception says is losing. Out of Samar and Sahir, Samar is my favourite.

The last up is the problem/challenge. So, what is the problem? Like in every story, here also the problem starts with love which results in jealousy. Samar who has been living in the box all his life (except Sundays) has shown a little bit of jealous nature at a young age. When it has been pointed out to him that his love interest Aliya might only see Sahir and not Samar, Samar wants to live his life and not Sahir’s. He does not want to be Sahir’s shadow. He wants to prove that he is not weak which he proves at the climax.

So, is the movie perfect?

Far from it! The slow motion action sequences are really annoying. Come on guys! You can do better than that. And Jai Dixit’s introduction scene felt unnecessary. And some action sequences are a tad too long. And near the ending, it felt as if Samar easily moved on over the fact that he got conned by a man whom he thought was a friend.

Overall, this movie is a great watch. A great movie to watch with friends and pop corn!