5 Tips To Follow When Designing An Office Space

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The office, where we spend the most significant portion of our working lives, should be aesthetically designed. The working conditions and the environment in the office space directly affect the way people interact with the family and friends at the end of the day. These also have an influence on our productivity, mental well-being, and general health.

Whether at home or in the office, intelligently designed work spaces are a crucial component of productivity. These five tips into your office design can help your employees to be more productive and creative, which leads to achieving the desired result of the company.

Fusion of various types of work

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Companies these days invest heavily in their office space, leading to overhauling and designing it annually. Modern offices should look and feel smart to offer an all-round sensory and creativity experience among its employees.  According to Clive Lucking, chief executive of Fourfront Group, offices should be a combination of entertainment, home comforts, technology and interactive areas so that employees will be more creative and productive.

Consider using ergonomics furniture

It is not enough to buy furniture – office chairs and desk – but rather considering its benefits if it can help the health of the employees. Employees spend hours parked in an office chair, so a beautiful, ergonomically-correct, comfortable seat is worth every dime. Poor posture can lead to eye strain, headaches, neck and backaches, and fatigue, but healthy posture begins with good design. Some ergo furniture should include height-adjustable chairs, keyboard trays, and monitors thus building great office space.

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Use proper lighting

A good lighting is one of the key components to one’s well-being, performance, and motivation as well. To create a well-layered lighting effect, it should have a combination of direct and indirect artificial light (ceiling fixtures, table, and floor lamps) as well as natural daylight. Enough illumination offers a good support in any given task. A company can hire a lighting expert to ensure that lights are controllable and dimmable at office space.  A lighting expert can also help in enlisting energy-efficient fixtures with the appropriate and pleasing light color to improve any types of tasks within the company.

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Add a variety of color

Experts say that neutral colors are appropriate for conservative lines of work like banking and legal services. For a creative environment like offices of photographers and graphic designers, warmer and more vibrant colors will help for productivity. Make a mutual decision about the office paint and decor to represent company’s branding. Do not forget the importance of color while designing a healthy office space.

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Utilize the office storage

The basic storage units like the cupboards, filing cabinets, drawer unit, open shelf, are still as useful as ever for various things in the office. Furniture too can be designed to save space, using the space above and below worktops.

Office space is our second home and spending time here means being productive while feeling homey as well. Designing an office space is important in order to enhance the employees’ productivity and release their creative side for work collaboration. Always keep in mind the welfare of the employees through the office design and organization.

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  • Nice tips for office design. Proper ergonomic features will make for a productivity enhancing experience.