Celebrity Suicide – 10 Dead Female Celebrities

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You might have seen these dead female celebrities sparkling with their beauties, enchanting the viewers with their expressions, making your jaws drop at their foot tapping dance, and you dream of idolising them in your real life and u worship as a princess of elegance and beauty !! This is what a common perception of an actress in our country is !!! We have all seen one side of their life at the screen ?? Have u ever imagined ?? How the life would be beyond the screen ?? And when u tear the celebrity screen and peep into their lives they’ve almost dwelled in depression, sexually exploited by big shots, dignity dethroned, humanity silenced, and finally money kills them… Yup Celebrity Suicide ,Of late we’ve been seeing Actress from top flight to porn industry have been the victims to depressions and eventually committing suicide, following are the 10 dead female celebrities that you never knew they’re no more !!

Aarthi Agarwal @10 among dead female celebrities

Image Courtesy – www.yuvaentertainment.com

Flaunting her wax toned beauty this indian actress has been at her peak of her career during early 2000’s when she rocked the box office with hit after hits, eventually felling prey to her illegitimate relationship with Tharun then her career booming half way through. She fought depression and obesity and had liposuction where she eventually passed away months later in New Jersey with a cardiac arrest and was among the dead female celebrities.

Shobana  @9 among dead female celebrities

Image Courtesy -www.jithumpa.com

A popular comedian in Tamil cinema industry, noted for her top notch rib tickling comedy scenes with Vadivelu in several movies like jillunu oru Kadhal and for her supporting cast in various other TV shows and films. She later became one of the dead female celebrities who was reported to be died of depression over a failed relationship and lack of chances in the movies.

Monal @8 among dead female celebrities

Image Courtesy – malaimalar

Sister of the South Indian queen Simran , later became one of the dead female celebrities who had caught under pressure from her lover affair with a noted cameraman and her alleged co star relationship. This indian actress found dead in her home and the forensic reports claimed to be a celebrity suicide.

Shubha Phutela @7 among dead female celebrities

Image Courtesy – dnaindia.com

The nightingale who dashed in the hit song oh baby girl suffered from jaundice at the age of 21 and let the entire state in a shock. Some claim it as a suicide and the whole jaundice story was a cooked up story. Might be called as the one among dead female celebrities.

Pratyusha @6 among dead female celebrities

Image Courtesy -www.tollysites.com

The Indian actress acted in few Telugu and Tamil films with notable stars like Vijayakanth has been under severe opposition for her love life by her parent. She consumed poison in a shoot along with her lover and rested their souls in peace. One of the most unexpected celebrity suicide in those days.

Jiah Khan @5 among dead female celebrities


The Bollywood bombshell took her last breath at a tender age of 19 . This indian actress was found hanging in her apartments because of a broken relationship and failures. Jiah khan has became one of the dead female celebrities and a well known Bollywood celebrity suicide victim.

Divya Bharathi @4 among dead female celebrities

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Crashing the windows from the 5th floor this pretty indian actress let her life to heavens after being denied of a meaningful relationship and her failed career. She was 19 and was helm at her career when she did this final act. She is one of the pathetic dead female celebrities who lost her early breath of life.

Nafisha Joseph @3 among dead female celebrities

Image Courtesy – www.bollywoodtabloid.com

The former miss India and actress who was promised of a wedding came to know that her fiancé was a divorcee and had an illicit relationship with other woman. This Indian actress dares to take away her life because of the shock.

Phataphat Jayalakshmi @2 among dead female celebrities

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The wife of nephew of MGR the former CM of tamilnadu has shown what she can do with her expressions on the silver screen. Moodu Pani was a remarkable film and she wasn’t here to so many such films as she became one of the dead female celebrities who was believed to be committed suicide.

Silk Smitha @1 among dead female celebrities

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The epitome of sex symbol who revolutionised the cine industry bringing a new quotient of glamour to the south cine industry. Her suicide was a shocker to all her fans And her suicide was coming due to her personal pressures from all spheres of her life.