Bhooloham Movie Review – What People Who Watched The Movie Say

bhooloham movie review
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After Thani Oruvan, Jayam Ravi movie expectation were very high among the tamil audience. With the hope of fulfilling this hyper expectation, Bhooloham movie silently hit the screens without much promotions. After Sakalakala Vallavan, Jayam Ravi pairs with Trisha in Bhooloham. Aascar films produced the movie with the rough estimated budget of 30 Crore.

Jayam Ravi potrayed as a Boxer after his grand success of M.Kumaran. But this movie Bhooloham is more than M.Kumaran which have presented the actor in a completely different look.

Let’s listen to the tweets about the movie Bhooloham which could gives us the real review for the movie rather than explaining in a single person’s perspective.

People views about Bhooloham

Arun says Bhooloham as an action pack entertainer.

Kamalesh says Bhooloham has a good story line

Cine Time rates the movie as well as appreciates the director Kalyanakrishnan

Raghav says that the movie gives strong message

Gokul says that the movie is well executed with neat direction

If you decide to watch Bhooloham, here a guy tweets that the movie is not gonna disappoint you.