The 7 Best Writing Apps To Create Killer Content

best writing apps
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Gone are the days where you had to sit in front of your computers, open Microsoft Word and start typing the content you have in mind.

Yup, today most of us got a brand new smartphone in hand. If you want to open up your mind and write something interesting or creative you can simply launch your writing app in the smartphone and start to write.

Wherever you are, if your mind is prepared to write, you can write an amazing content.

But, the question is this. “Does your smartphone have the best writing app for you?”

You might see a plenty of writing apps on your playstore, but do those really suit your need?

How can you find the best writing app suitable for you in your smartphone?

Here I share you the list of some good writing apps.

You can know about these apps, their features, why is it listed in the best apps, and much more information.

7. Monospace Writer

The monospace font is an old typewriter font. Monospace has the ability to make the writer stay focussed while writing. Similarly, Monospace app gives a good writing experience in a modern way.

No more folder options available. You can manage your documents created in this writing app through tags.

monospace writing app

Monospace App Key Features:

  • Manage files using hashtags.
  • Basic formatting option.
  • Export notes as Markdown.
  • Option to change the title color of the document.

Why is Monospace App in the best writing apps list?

Once you install the monospace app into your smartphone, It urges you to start writing. The User interface is minimalistic and neat. Every writer must try to write at least one article in this best writing app.

How to Use MonoSpace App for Productive Writing?

6. Writer Plus

This is one of the high rated writing apps available in the app store. Writer plus is the advanced enhancement of James McMinnin’s Writer. The app also supports 8+ world languages.

With this writing app, You can sync your files with the google drive.

One of the greater advantages of using Writer Plus is that the app consumes lesser battery.

writerplus writing app

WriterPlus App Key Features:

  • Bluetooth Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Instant Word count and character counts.
  • Instant Undo and Redo options.
  • Greater text formatting options.

Why is WriterPlus App in the best writing apps list?

Simple formatting feature helps you to create a perfect content. WriterPlus reminds you the google docs and thus greatly helpful in organizing files inside folders. The Georgia font boosts your mind to create a nice professional article.

How to use WriterPlus App for writing?

5. Jotterpad 

Jotterpad writer improves your writing with the essential writing features. Jotterpad is similar to IA Writer. When you start writing in this app with the monospace font, you may feel less distracted.

And, you can organize your files into folders. This writing app gives you the provision of local and cloud storage. You can add unlimited cloud accounts and dynamically access your files.

jotterpad writing app

Jotterpad App Key Features:

  • Typewriter mode.
  • Inbuilt dictionary, thesaurus, and text styling.
  • Snapshot option.
  • Bluetooth keyboard.

Why is Jotterpad App in the best writing apps list?

Best for writing long content. Clean typing feature that creates your mood for writing.

How to use Jotterpad App for better writing?

4. Google Docs

Google’s products always ease the burden for every internet individuals. Google sheets and Google docs help the writers to plan the contents, organize it in folders and edit it on any devices.

Coming to writers, Google docs not only helps you when you are in the browser. Google docs app is one of the top choices in best writing apps for content creators.

This web-based word processor also available in offline mode. You simply need to use the documents for writing and it will be saved automatically when you are connected to the internet.

Googledocs writing app

Google Docs App Key Features:

  • Create a new document and edit it offline.
  • Add comments and share with your colleagues.
  • Auto saves as and when you type.
  • Rich formatting options.

Why is Google Docs App in the best writing apps list?

Few startups still use Google docs and Google drive as their best tool to manage contents. So if you wanna stay organized with your ideas and contents, Google docs app is the best tool that we would suggest.

How to use Google Docs App effectively?

Availability: Windows, Android, iOS

3. SimpleNote

Have you got something in your mind to write? You have simplenote to jot it down quickly.

Yes, Simplenote is one of the best productivity boosters for writers. It is well known as a note taking app. But I see this as one of the best writing apps that no writers should miss.

simplenote writing app

SimpleNote App Key Features:

  • Simple note helps you to organize your files using tags. No more folders.
  • Sign up for the simple note, you can also access your files on your laptop through simple note browser app.
  • This writing app has light and dark theme to support your writing better.

Why is SimpleNote App in the best writing apps list?

Whenever an idea strikes your mind, Open the Simplenote app and note it down.

Do not forget to add tags. So the next time, you can open your tag, edit the file and start to develop content from your idea.

How to use SimpleNote App?

Availability: Windows, Android, iOS

2. IA Writer

IA Writer is one of the top rated writing apps in both iOS and android app store. Almost all script writers go for IA writer app. IA Writer app is developed by Information Architect Inc.

IA writer gives you a unique experience of writing typography through monospace font. If you wish to become one of the best-selling authors, then IA Writer is for you.

ia writer writing app

IA Writer App Key Features:

  • Export to HTML format.
  • Ability to sync with your Google drive and Dropbox.
  • Neat preview option.
  • Provision to embed tables and pictures.

Why is IA Writer in the best writing apps list?

When you get set for writing content. This writing app minimalises your distraction thus creating concentration and interest for typing further.

IA writer also helps you to organize your files into folders and sync to your drive.

Quick Guide on How to use IA Writer for Effective Content writing?

Availability: Windows, Android, iOS

1. Evernote

Evernote is one the best writing apps which helps you to stay organized.

Founded in 2007 by Stepan Pachikov, Evernote aims at improving the productivity of every individual in organizing their tasks and notes.

Evernote helps you to write content, save it and access on any device. Evernote writing app also helps you to share your content with your friends and colleagues. Yes, you don’t need an email address to share. An Evernote account does it all.

evernote writing app

Evernote App Key Features:

  • You can create short notes, notebooks, to do lists, checklists.
  • Access from an unlimited number of devices both for free and premium users.
  • Fingerprint password lock.
  • Supports pictures, videos, and voice.
  • Create tags and organize your contents.
  • Awesome formatting options available for fonts, size, list etc., similar to MS word.

Why is Evernote in the best writing apps list?

  • User Interface.
  • Adding of attachments to the notes.
  • Duplicating option.
  • Notes revision history.
  • Web clipping option.
  • Quick sketching option.
A quick guide on How to use Evernote for content writing?

Availability: Windows, Android, iOS

On a final note, know the below.

Which is the best writing app for you?

Apps Best for
Evernote Organizing multiple media-rich documents
IA Writer Start writing a novel
Simplenote Jotting down quick thoughts to develop later
Google docs Cloud securing your documents
Jotterpad Flawless writing experience
WriterPlus Professional writing
Monospace Stay focused while writing

So guys, Decide carefully and choose the best writing app that gives you comfortable writing.