Best Windows Hosting Providers In India With Pros And Cons

windows hosting providers in india
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So have you decided to go for windows hosting for your server? Many people choose Linux hosting rather than windows. But being chosen windows as your hosting. You must be clear that your development tool would be MS SQL, PHP, .NET, or ASP.NET. Before going for the search of best windows hosting providers, Let’s know why people choose windows server hosting.

  • Windows server hosting are easier to use, You need not remember any command line for operations.
  • The updates will be easier. You can update your server hosting regularly at lesser complications.
  • When your website has the program compatibility for UNIX, it can be easily hosted on a windows server. So choosing the best windows hosting providers for your website matters more.

The below are considered as the best Windows Hosting Providers in India.


iPage is one of the leading web hosting providers in India. iPage cares about its customers and clients by offering best and secured service. If you wanna go for windows hosting for your website, you may definitely need to consider iPage as one of your choice.

Pros of iPage

  • iPage gives you lot of advantages by providing unlimited e-mail address and disk space.
  • iPage offers free building tools for your website along with security suite
  • iPage offers added marketing credits for your website in association with Google adwords and Bing adwords.

People say about iPage

iPage customer service and support was recognised as one of the added advantage to this hosting service provider.


Winhost is one of the best professional choice of people who search for the best windows hosting providers. Winhost provides well organised control panel which are user friendly. Similar to other hosting providers, winhost assures you 99% uptime. Winhost supports webservices, FTP and FTP over SSL, ecommerce and more.

Pros of Winhost

  • Good customer service
  • Inexpensive and reliable plans and pricing
  • Faster registration and management support
  • Free website migration

Cons of Winhost

  • Will not be suitable if you choose to be Low cost service hosting


Everyone loves godaddy. Godaddy has become the top choice of people today who wish to grow online. Yes, Godaddy is also a significant leader among windows hosting providers in India. The windows plans for web hosting are legitimate that let you choose as per your requirement. Consider the below pros and cons before you go for Godaddy windows hosting.

Pros of Godaddy

  • Simple, easy and reliable to use.
  • Discounts and coupons
  • Secure and cheap for hosting

Cons of Godaddy

  • Intermittent server crash
  • Basic plan of windows is known to be slower than others
  • Lack of tools to troubleshoot issues


Hostgator windows hosting is one of the best windows hosting providers in India. Hostgator received numerous awards across multiple tech expertise and thus recognised as the best hosting providers in India. Hostgator is one of the top choice of entrepreneurs and bloggers for hosting their websites and blogs at economic level.

Pros of Hostgator

  • Pricing and Plans
  • Standard uptime
  • Easier cPanel
  • Google adword credits
  • Popular hosting providers

Cons of Hostgator

  • Little expensive to purchase domain


Bigrock is of course rocking the windows hosting providers market. Bigrock is well known for its efficiency and reliability in hosting services. Similarly when your website is going to be build in PHP, MySQL, .NET platform, choose your best windows hosting plan in bigrock.

Pros of BigRock

  • Best plans available for Individuals, Small business and Large businesses
  • Numerous hosting packages
  • Daily automatic cloud backup of your data
  • Unlimited space, transfers and emails

Cons of BigRock

  • Cannot change name server details

Choose wisely among these best windows hosting providers. Rock the world of Internet !