Best Tamil Movie Climax – These 10 Are Unpredictable And Nailed

best tamil movie climax medulla infomata
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Trends of tamil movies have been changing. Every month, a number of the tamil movies release.

Few are entertaining, few are disheartening, few are edutaining but only a few movies are said to be extraordinary.

Of those list of movies, few of the tamil movies prove to be worth watchable through their best climax.

Here is the best tamil movie climax list which are known to be unpredictable.

10. Indru Netru Naalai

best tamil movie climax indru netru naalai
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Being a most successful time traveler movie, Indru Netru Naalai had made the tamil audience enjoy the travel with suspense.

Although few twists and turns made the story predictive, the climax of the movie is known to the best tamil movie climax which had given a feel good experience of watching the movie.

9. Thegidi

best tamil movie climax thegidi
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Don’t know how many of us know about life insurance? Has your life been insured?

This tamil movie is an awesome thriller which revolves around understanding and misuse of life insurance.

The young man Vetri encounters the crime happenings and deals it in the most unpredictable way. The director Ramesh had written the story and executed well thus making it as the best tamil climax with a powerful theme embedded in it.

8. Demonte Colony

best tamil movie climax demonte colony
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Demonte colony records as a path-breaking horror movie for the tamil audience.

With only 4 characters in the movie, the director had cooked up a perfect horror. The movie title was inspired by a real place that exists in the Chennai city.

Demonte colony is also one of the best tamil movie climaxes. The climax of the movie had chilled the spine of the audience in theaters.

7. Jigarthanda

best tamil movie climax jigarthanda
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Gangsterism redefined in the movie Jigarthanda.

The young director Karthik Subburaj had directed the movie in a casual style for the tamil audience. The entire movie goes around the plot of studying the behavior of a gangster.

The movie later turned into a huge black comedy gangster blockbuster with an unexpected twist at the climax.

6. Pizza

best tamil movie climax pizza
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Pizza was a clear cut break in tamil cinema. When the number of commercial movies released casting big heroes, a young director made his debut with a debut actor presenting a horror-thriller to tamil cinema from an entirely different perspective.

The climax of the movie became a hot talk of the town which values the movie as a blockbuster.

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5. Kathakali

best tamil movie climax kathakali
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Kathakali was a perfect action-packed thriller directed by Pandiraj. The movie goes around finding the real murderer of the villain.

No one knows who killed the villain. The truth is revealed only at the climax. In our list, kathakali has the best tamil movie climax worth watchable one time.

4. Thani Oruvan

best tamil movie climax thani oruvan
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Thani Oruvan was recognized as the perfect script with the perfect cast in tamil cinema. The movie has a number of twists and turns in it. Usually, in every movie, the hero gives a feel good at the climax, but in this movie, the end of villain has won millions of heart.

3. Mankatha

best tamil movie climax mankatha
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The huge blockbuster of 2011, Mankatha had two most powerful cast in it. Ajith as a dismissed police officer turns evil for a purpose.

The purpose is revealed only at the climax.

The movie does not have any cause or message to the audience. Yet, the unpredictable turn at the climax earned more applause.

2. Papanasam

best tamil movie climax papanasam
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Papanasam is a tamil remake of the movie Drishyam. The director Jeethu Joseph had nailed the script in such a way that no one could ever judge the climax. If you would have watched it, you will feel it.

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1. Enakkul Oruvan

best tamil movie climax enakkul oruvan
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Most of us long for a stardom status. Similarly, a local boy does in the movie Enakkul Oruvan. But if you watch the full movie, you will realize it as the best tamil movie climax.

The movie also gives you a feel-good thought with a message in it.