Best smartphone features that are mind blowing

best samrtphone
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Which is the best smartphone? Which is the best smartphone app? Rings in the million minds. Today is the world of smartphone with its variant features as their oxygen for life. Every smartphone starting from its specifications and features offers their best of hardware and software irrespective of their prices. Here are some of the unique and called best smartphone features that are incorporated in best smartphones.

Bent Screen Samsung Galaxy Note Edge:

This awestruck model of Samsung contains the bent screen which is one of the best smartphone feature in the world. Television has been evolved as curved since Samsung started achieving the milestone of producing Samsung smartphone with bent screen smartphone feature.

Laser Focussed Camera in LG G3:

Since camera is the best smartphone feature ever considered by common man since the mobile phone introduced. LG G3 attempted and succeeded in introducing Laser focussed Camera in the latest LG smartphone.

Two rear camera in Htc Desire Eye:

The fashion of camera in both front and rear end has become common in smartphones but this htc desire eye aimed at providing two rear cameras which delights the user with 16 MP camera front and back in providing the best smartphone feature ever and also for the first time.

Five front cameras in Amazon Fire:

Amazon with its entry into the smartphone world have made the most innovative footprints in the smartphone history of possessing 5 front cameras. This best smartphone feature mesmerizes the entire world.

Biggest Selfie camera Nokia Lumia 1020:

Upgrading the camera feature Nokia has arrived with the extremely promising feature of incorporating the dslr feature in the smartphone. Nokia Lumia 1020 glees the user with 41 MP camera which is considered as one of the tremendous achievement in mobile world.