Best Selfie Apps For Android To Beautify Your Pic

best selfie apps
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The one word which we go after, The one word which we want today, The one word which portrays us as beautiful to the world ‘Selfie’. Yup ! The world is fond of ‘Selfie’. Today everyone of us want a smartphone that could take the best selfie than our friend’s smartphone. In addition, we go after installing some of the best selfie apps which our friend recommends. Here are the list of best selfie apps for android which beautify you to the world.

Candy Camera

Candy Camera is one of the top choice of people who take selfie. Candy Camera is raising among the best selfie apps for android as well as iOS. Whenever you try to get a perfect selfie, Candy Camera app could help you click. Ultimately this awesome selfie app gives you a candy look which could bring you more number of likes in your social media profile.

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App store Review

[ Source – Android Playstore ] – Lakshay Raj wrote 

Dude gorgeously awesome Use it like your frnd n do one thing un-install all others editors(but not pixlr! N photo grid! These 3 can combination surely can kill photoshop12😈) filters are real time n amazing😀

Camera 360

Camera 360 is one of the best camera app available for smartphones. You can enjoy unlimited filters, editors, frames, stickers etc., in camera 360. In addition to the feature, Camera 360 is also known for a beautiful selfie. Yes, this is one of the best selfie apps for android with unlimited fun. If your smartphone camera doesn’t look cool for selfie, immediately open Camera 360 and pose for a good selfie. It will work.

[appbox googleplay vStudio.Android.Camera360]

App store Review 

[ Source – Android Playstore ] – Carl Jerwin wrote

“Its the best! Its the best camera ever!!!The filters are perfect and the editing tools,too…Works best with MIX…All my devices have a Camera360 in them.The only thing I don’t like is the stickers don’t work in my phone :'( and it takes a while for the app to launch when I click on it but it’s great!!!I love it!!!I’m hoping for a great update!!”


Retrica is one of the top rated best selfie apps for android. Retrica filters gives you pretty cool look at your selfie. Whenever you pose for a candid selfie, Try Retrica!

[appbox googleplay id=com.venticake.retrica]

App store Review

[ Source – Android Playstore ] –  Joselyn wrote

I really like it I love everything bout this app. Nothing to complain bout. I love the things you could so, the filters are really good! If ppl dont have this app they need it. It is really great.


An app exclusively made for Selfie. This is one of the best selfie apps that captures your face expression and turn it into emotions. Experience the fun over selfie through this facecon.

[appbox googleplay com.prompt.facecon]

App store Review

[ Source – Android Playstore ] –  Devin Wilder wrote

Yes! Yes! Yes! I am so glad that I found this app! I honestly have not been this genuinely entertained with an app and I don’t know how long! since I have recently gotten into a little sticker battle with my friend, this is the perfect weapon! truly amazing…

Youcam Perfect

As per its name, Youcam perfect is one of the best selfie apps that let you click a perfect selfie. Though you might have tried various selfie apps, this Youcam perfect is somewhat different from the list of other best selfie apps. The reason is that the pics you take via this app beautifies you even at the instance of poor exposure. You can simply snap it and edit perfectly.

[appbox googleplay com.cyberlink.youperfect]

App store Review

[ Source – Android Playstore ] –  Umesh wrote

Superb….the best tool Its the best beautifying camera for the selfie lovers who are born to snap….Although its good for pics taken from back cameras too…Simply…i love it

And This is for iOS – Microsoft Selfie

Microsoft have released an official app for taking beautiful selfie in your iPhone and iPad. Microsoft selfie app was enhanced better to deal with all types of exposure. This is now one of the best selfie apps available for iOS. People have also started giving positive reviews for this new Microsoft selfie app. If you an iOS device, then try this now.

[appbox appstore 1064676206]

App store Review

[ Source – iOS App Store ] – JosephHernandez wrote 

I really enjoyed the old icon for this app and it really made my apps looks great with that icon now this new icon looks like goggle I dislike this icon but in general the app is amazing hopefully we can get more features like more filters and everything and another update icon for the app

Try any of these best selfie apps now and experience the joy of selfie with your friends and relatives.