Best Motivational Tamil Movies – These 10 Will Boost Your Confidence

motivational tamil movies

Movies are larger than life sometimes they are even better than our lives. Few movies break our hearts, many make our ribs tickled and very rarely you end up in a state of euphoric motivation to succeed in life. Though blended with commercial values Kollywood has its own style of imparting the impact on viewers with its authentic signature style of films. Here are the 10 tamil movies with a high intense dose of motivation.

Top 10 Motivational Tamil Movies To Inspire You With Strong Message

10. Peranmai

Surprised? U tend to be. This is one of the best motivational tamil movies featuring the story of a ‘Tribesman’ dwelling in a remote forest inaccessible to modern inventions and technology yet masters the worldly affairs with the availability resources. The struggle of the scheduled tribesmen and the director touch of inspiring people by portraying a tribal clansman is a much-needed film for a lot of underprivileged.
Motivational Tamil Movie Peranmai

9. 36 Vayathinile

A tale of the mother who can still pursue her goals in spite of all odds against her. There based on ROOFTOP gardening is one of the best motivational tamil movies for all women who wanted to achieve after marriage.
Motivational Tamil Movie 36 vayathinile

8. Annamalai

This yesteryear classic is one of the unforgettable motivational tamil movies, a story of a betrayed who lost all his wealth trapped by his close friend went on regain and bettered his friend in all aspects. ‘Vettri Nitchayam’  will always be the motivational anthem for the generations to come.
Motivational Tamil Movie Annamalai

7. Mugavari

Undoubtedly this gem of a movie is a serious motivational movie for every aspiring musician or anyone who wanted to pursue their passion as their profession. Interlaced with love and family bonds this emotional ride of a singer is an earnest motivation booster.
Motivational Tamil Movie Mugavaree

6. Aayutha Ezhuthu

Motivational Tamil Movie Aayutha Ezhuthu

It’s not going to be so long that the state affairs are going to be under the youth politics. For every young blood, filled with the rage of leading from the front, for a well-structured society this motivational movie is for you. Maniratnam’s timeless classic is sure to stay in the motivational list of movies for years to come.

5. Mayakkam Enna

This heart-wrenching story of an avid photographer who suffers from human plays left in a situation where his mind can’t look away from anything except the lenses yet shines up and glows. You see a sea of motivation riding throughout the movie. It’s indeed a Selvaraghavan’s motivational masterpiece.
Motivational Tamil Movie Mayakkam Enna

4. Sivaji

Lost everything?  Feel the world is doomed for u? Watch this Shankar’s directorial and Sujatha’s thundering work of a man who wants to reform the society who starts from zero. Motivation to the peak in style. Though the movie doesn’t convince you practically, Sivaji is one of the best motivational tamil movies with which you can feel the intense heat through the Bgm of AR Rahman.
Motivational Tamil Movie Sivaji

3. Vaaranam Aayiram

It is hard to come back to normal life when u lose your loved ones, it is even harder to come back when you become a drug addict, it is harder to come back from social stigma.  Yet this is one of the right motivational tamil movies that gives a breakthrough and instills motivation after every failure. Failures are just to make us better and this journey of the hero is arguably the closest to reality story of gaining motivation.
Motivational Tamil Movie Vaaranam Aayiram

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2. Suryavamsam

This late 1990’s blockbuster is the biggest ever motivational movie for all Tamil people in the deepest of all villages. A story of a man who considered as a failure in love and life went to become a success in life. ‘Natchathira Jannalil’ is everyone’s morning dose of motivation and magic it created remains the same till now.
Motivational Tamil Movie Suryavamsam

1. Vettri Kodi Kattu

This motivational movie based on a work agent scam where the two lead actors outperform from their skins to live their characters. Set up in the backdrop of two rural families on the verge of death and starvation, humiliation and annihilation, this emotional saga is sure to inspire and motivate many more youngsters.  Actor evasively and partisan scenes, are still the biggest benchmarks yet to be breached.
Motivational Tamil Movie Vettri Kodi Kattu

Is your favorite movie in the list? Comment the movie name where you felt the intense of motivation.