15 Best Motivational One Liners That Ignites Your Spirit

motivational one liners

Have you ever watched the sunrise of a day and sunset of the same day? If so have you ever realized how have you spent the day?

Ask an athlete who is going to have his final meet of Olympics tomorrow. Question a student who had prepared for a central examination is having an exam tomorrow. Listen to a soldier who knows he has to be in a battlefield for his country tomorrow. They know the value of TODAY.

People in the world are striving hard at their best to make use of today for the better future of tomorrow. What are you doing? You too are blessed with the same 24 hrs of a day.

If you realize this truth. I would recommend you to analyze the activity of your day. Today is the good day for you. Rise up with courage. If you feel dejected why don’t you look at these Motivational One Liners? They mean a lot if you read it with a spirit.

15. Never postpone the activity what you have planned for today.


14. If you think that your goal is hard, Remember this Walt Disney’s Motivational one liner.


13. Be smart to examine the methods that you have been using.

If it doesn’t open, it is not your door

12. Have you ever climbed a taller building or hill or mountain? Feel this motivational one liner if you did.

The best view comes after the hardest climb

11. Buddy, Remember action speaks louder than words.

Don’t tell people your dreams, show them

10. Perfection is a must. But marching towards your goal continuously is more important than the perfection.

Strive for progress, not perfection

9. Be careful on what you are reading, listening, watching. They influence a lot in your life.

What consumes your mind, controls your life

8. This is one of the best motivational one liners that pushes you way ahead when you feel tired.

Will it be easy? No. Worth it? Absolutely

7. Don’t worry Dude!

Mistakes are the proof that you are trying

6. Always think what will work and what will not. If you think your method doesn’t work, don’t change your goal. Try a new method.

Be stubborn about your goals, but be flexible about your methods

5. Always watch what you have been doing every day.

Your success is found in your daily routine

4. Rule your life.

You are the CEO of your life. Some people have to be hired. Some are have to be fired

3. This motivational one is the epic mentality of the business class individuals. Yes, you can also be a one.

Don’t aim to wear brand. But aim to be a one

2. Identify the crack, measure the crack. Develop a new strategy to handle the crack.

There is a crack in everything, that’s how the lights get in

1. Crave this Motivational one liner in your heart. You will never get disheartened.

Be stronger than your excuses

Comment your thoughts below, We would love to hear which of these motivational one liners have touched your heart.