Best 10 Brilliant Kamal Dialogues In Movies That Are Thought Provoking

best kamal dialogues

The Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan titled Dr. Kamal Haasan is a well known legendary actor of Indian Cinema. He was born in the year after 7 years of Indian Independence. At the Age of 6, he won the Gold medal for the best child actor. Kamal Haasan always delivers the brilliance in his movie with a unique style.

Though Kamal Haasan is not well known for the punch dialogues and mass dialogues like Rajinikanth, his dialogues in the movies were practical and invokes something in you. Here we present you some of the most brilliant kamal dialogues in his movies.

Thought Provoking Kamal Dialogues

10. Kamal Dialogue in Aalavandan about the Human Reality

When comes to Kamal dialogues, every one of us first remembers this. The harsh reality of every human being is explained in a single line by Kamal Hasaan. This Kadavul Pathi dialogue of Aalavandan and the song associated with this dialogue turned as a huge evergreen blockbuster.kamal aalavanthan dialogue

I’m the mixture of God and Animal

The holy bible says that “Every human being is created in the image of god.” Yes, all of us have the inner quality of God which includes love, peace, affection etc. At the same time, every human being has the bad person unexposed to the world. Few situations bring them out. This great truth of every human individual is exposed in this single kamal line in the movie Aalavanthan.

9. Kamal Dialogue in Dasavatharam about a Winning Hero

Kamal as a social activist Vincent Poovaragan was dared to be questioned by the Villian “Are you the Universal Hero?”

kamal vincent dialogue in dasavatharam

Kamal replies him back saying, “Yes, I’m. Not only me. Out of the 4 crore sperm cells, Each one which competes and come out with Life from the mother’s womb is a Universal Hero

8. Kamal Dialogue in Unnai Pol Oruvan about the Power of a Common Man

Whenever you feel like you couldn’t do anything because you have no power to do, Just remember this iconic kamal dialogue.

“Neengalam Vethuvetu nu nenaikuringalae andha common man,
I’m just a stupid common man of this republic”

kamal dialogue in unnaipol oruvan

But you will have to say this dialogue only after your action speaks louder and stronger than your words.

7. Intensive Kamal Dialogue in Indian

Indian movie is one of the awe-inspiring creation of director Shankar. The movie Indian has many intense dialogues delivered by Indian Thatha character of Kamal. The below is one of kamal dialogues unnoticed by many.

When Kamal asks “How the small countries in the world were grown big and developed?
The bribe accused replies “There were no bribes in such countries

indian kamal dialogue

Kamal again slaps him and says “Iruku! Lanjam Eruku, Angalam Kadamaya Meerathuku Than LanjamEnga Kadamaya Seiurathuke Lanjam.” ( Bribe exist! In Foreign countries, Bribe are given to break the law, But in India, Bribe are given to follow the law)

6. Kamal Dialogue about Love in Guna

Not everyone understands your love as true. Especially your parents. If you think they couldn’t understand your true love, just utter this kamal dialogue about love.Guna kamal dialogue

True love could be understood only by the true human. How can you understand the reality of this dialogue? Remember Aalavanthan kamal dialogue “Man is a mixture of God and Animal”. Bring your pure love to the notice of your loved one when they are in “God Mode” also can be known as “Good Mood”. It is upto you in your kind speech on how you can handle them before it turns to “Animal Mode”

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5. Kamal Unique Dialogue in Kuruthi Punal

Feeling frustrated by others behavior? Remember this dialogue “Each man has his own breaking point”. Try to understand and measure your fellowmen tolerance level. At the same time, know your level as well.kuruthipunal dialogue of kamal

“Every man has a breaking point”

4. Kamal Dialogue in Viswaroopam

You cannot be a hero always, Similarly, you cannot be a villain always. In your life, at situations, you have to be a hero to villains and a perfect villain to yourself. A villain in the sense, you should destroy all your bad habits within yourself and get self-motivated to be a Hero of the world. A Battery is complete only with both positive and negative terminal.

Kamal says “I’m a hero and a Villain

vishwaroopam kamal dialogue

3. Kamal Dialogue in Nayagan

No one forgets this evergreen Nayagan dialogue of Kamal Hasaan. “Naalu Peruku Nallathuna Edhuvum Thapilla” But I would insist you with a disclaimer to this dialogue “Handle this dialogue with Care 🙂

nayagan kamal dialogue

2. Kamal Dialogue in Dasavatharam

Everyone know actor Kamal Haasan is an Atheist. He has said many about god. But this dialogue about God existence is one of the matured remark ever. When Kamal was asked about the existence of God in the movie Dasavatharam, he said “Aiyo, Naan Kadavul Illanu enga sonaen, Iruntha Nala Erukum nu than soldren”

dasavatharam kadavul dialogue of kamal

“I Just wish he was there”

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1. Iconic Kamal dialogue in Anbe Sivam

Everyone accepts that Anbe Sivam is one of the best meaningful movies of Tamil cinema. The reason is that the movie has many such meaningful dialogues delivered by Kamal Hasaan. Here in this movie, Kamal defines who is God. He simply points to a man and says “Crying for a kid that you don’t know much, Your kind heart is my God
anbe sivam kamal dialogue

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