5 Best Internet Speed Test Apps That Greatly Test Connectivity

best internet speed test apps
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A smartphone without Internet? Oh no!

Smartphone with slow Internet? Damn it!

Yup, today Internet has become one of the vital parts of our lives. It is difficult to hold our smartphone without scrolling through the Facebook news feeds, Twitter retweets, snap chat shots, and Instagram poses.

So you need a perfect speed Internet connectivity for this right?

Of course, You know the best Internet service providers and plans in your locality. But how do you test it?

Do you know how to check internet speed on your smartphone?

Here are few best apps that can do it for you. These are the best Internet Speed Test apps that I recommend to use to know your Internet Speed.

5. My WiFi Speedtest App

My WiFi is a simplest internet speed test app available for android users. When you search ‘My WiFi’ in the playstore, you may see many apps. But this My WiFi app will be listed as My WiFi: Free WiFi Speed Test.

My WiFi app is offered by Smart Tech My WiFi and rated 4+ in the playstore.

mywifi best internet speed test app
Image Source: Playstore | mywifi

If you just want to test your internet speed, My WiFi suits best for you. This app doesn’t have options to boost your connectivity speed but gives reliable test results in just one tap.

Key Features of My WiFi Speed Test App

  • Shows the connection status of your internet and scans the available free WiFi around you.
  • The Speed test result gives you the duration of network delay in addition to the Download speed and Upload speed.
  • The Map feature of My WiFi scans the available WiFi in a wide area around you. Just like locating the shops, this app locates the WiFi.

4. Speed Check Speedtest App

Speed check is one of the best internet speed test apps that test your internet speed in a Wifi speedometer.

Once, you start to test internet speed, this app measures the speed starting from 256k range of speed and measures to a maximum of 100 plus Mbps.

speedcheck - best internet speed test app
Image Source: Playstore | speedcheck

The speed check internet speed test app is offered by Photo Editor Creative team. This team also offers a wide variety of photo editor and keyboard apps.

Key Features of Speed Check App

  • Displays the speed of internet with results of ping duration, upload and download speed.
  • Additional tools like Phone Boost and Wifi Security checks the performance and security of your smartphone.

3. Meteor Speedtest App

Meteor is the best internet speed test app offered by OpenSignal. The company Opensignal is a pioneer in wireless connection mapping between users and providers.

Headquartered in London, Opensignal offers two internet speed test apps to the android users. ‘Meteo’ by Opensignal and ‘3G, 4G Wifi Maps and Speed Test’

Meteor - best internet speed test app
Image Source: Playstore | Meteor

So if you ask why Meteor is chosen in the list of best internet speed test apps, You should know about its features.

Key Features of Meteor Speed Test App

  • The Meteor dashboard gives details of a number of tests, location of the internet when you test and the percentage of test done with different internet connectivity.
  • This speed test app shows you how your installed application like Whatsapp, Youtube would perform in the provided speed.

2. Network Master

Network Master offered by LIONMOBI is a best internet speed test app that scans your wifi around or tests your mobile internet and provides internet speed in B/s.

The Network Master gives you four options for managing better internet speed of your wifi or mobile network.

Network master - best internet speed test app
Image Source: Playstore | Network master

Key Features of Network Master App

  • Network Master enable a widget on your notification screen that constantly monitors the internet speed.
  • The Boost option closes the more data usage apps and optimizes your internet speed.
  • The Network master scans the CPU and memory of your device and provides the details about CPU usage and Memory usage of each app opened on your smartphone.

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1. SpeedTest by Ookla

Speedtest by Ookla is the top choice among the best internet speed test apps with almost 50 million downloads in android playstore.

No matter where you wish to check your internet speed. Ookla has the extensive platform to test internet speed on android devices, iPhone, PCs, and Laptops.

Ookla - best internet speed test app
Image Source: Playstore | speed test Ookla

Speedtest by Ookla has the simple interface which asks you to begin a test. Once the test is completed, Ookla displays the extensive test results in a separate section.

Key Features of Speedtest App

  • Records all the data of the speed test results. The results include the type of internet connection as Wifi or mobile internet, Time when the speed test is done, download and upload speeds.
  • You can choose to make the app display speed test result either in Mbps or kBps.

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