10 Best Apps For College Students That Make Students Smarter

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Today everyone of us live with smartphones. The number of smartphone users drastically increased especially among the age group of 18 to 25. It has been always feel back to school for college students when they step into college. May be smartphones could give them a relief from school environment. It is estimated that 9 out of 10 college students now a days uses smartphone to minimum 6 hrs upto their battery drain per day. There are lot of apps available on android and iPhone market to engage and entertain college students. But only few apps are known to be the best app for college students to help them increase their skill and productivity. Medulla Infomata provides you the list of best app for college students that might help them to grow.


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College students will definitely have number of notes, model question papers, important data to save. This can be achieved through this Dropbox which is one of the best apps for college students. Dropbox is the biggest innovation in data world. Similar to google drive and Microsoft one drive, Dropbox let every college students to save and share their data in cloud.


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One of the must have best apps for college students ever since the phones are introduced. This dictionary app is continued to be one of the most important app essential for college students to make them well trained in language. Smartphones have numerous dictionary apps that gives you the meaning of a word in whatever language you want. There are numerous multi lingual dictionaries available in smartphone world to helps college students to improve their knowledge about words. Dictionary is one of the most important apps for college students that every college student must make use of it wisely.

Any To do

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This is one of the best planner app for college students. Thinking of doing something and forgetting what we think is the common phenomenon in student life. We might have planned for a study at particular time but have forgotten due to Adhoc things that comes in path. Always need a reminder to remind us to do. This app is created to serve only those people. This is one of the best task apps for college students that help them overcome their time management problems and task accomplishment reminding problems.


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Many college students have short notes in their laptop or smartphone. But they forgot to save them forever. For instance if a student note some topics for the subject or exam, he might have forgot to save them. Later when he opens up. If can’t find what he saved, he may get frustrated. But this Evernote helps every college students to overcome this difficulty. It is among the best note making apps for college students to take note of everything you want. You can access those notes anytime in future through any of your devices like smartphone, desktop or laptop.


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Oh my god, I want to take printout.! I wanna get those Xerox copies as these questions are going to come in tomorrow’s exam.!” These are the frequent sentences in college students life.  When you are in such situation, just click and download Camscanner. This is one of the best scanner apps for college students to convert a pic to print. You can scan those required pages and prepare it ready for print. This reduces your time and tension of scanning for a photocopy.


best-app-that-solves-math-equationsDude don’t you know? I don’t like maths.!” This is the favorite sentence of 70 percent of college students about maths. Photomath is one of the latest math apps for college students that eases the way of solving a math problem. This awesome app does your math homework for you dude.!

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Realcalc Scientific Calculator

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Most of the engineering students have this. Scientific calculator are much more needed in college life for college students. Some may also feel bored of carrying that huge calculator box with them. Don’t worry. This Realcalc scientific calculator is one of the best apps for college students to solve the scientific calculations with your smartphone.


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PDF are always the protected source of document. College students will get lot of PDF documents in their college life. You must have adobe reader to read and maintain all those PDF. Similar to this the app snap2pdf let you to make your own PDF documents. This awesome app let you to create PDF in instance with the snap you take.


best-apps-for-college-students-1When you are fond of programming, Udacity is one of the best code learning app available for smartphone users. It is encouraged to every engineering students must install any of such code learning apps in smartphones. Plenty of such apps available in app store markets to improvise coding language for every college students.

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News App

College students sans read about news and happenings around the world. Every college student must be encouraged to have any of the news app in their smartphone to enhance their wider view of society. Today lot of awesome news apps like Flipboard, Newshunt could give the collective news feed in your smartphones.