Tamil Motivational Songs – These 10 Will Change Your Mood When You Are Depressed

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Tamil Motivational Songs List is here for You. If you love Tamil movies, hear these tamil motivational songs whenever you feel depressed. You will feel the energy within you, when you watch these tamil motivational songs in the listed tamil movies.

10. Ovvoru Pookalume Solkirathey – Autograph Song

Tamil motivational songs
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This is one of the famous Motivational Tamil Songs accepted by Tamil Audience. The Tamil movie Autograph directed by Cheran adds value to this song. This Tamil movie song was presented like a stage performance given by Actress Sneha in the movie to motivate people. The Lines of this song

Nambikkai Enbathu Vendum Namm Vaalvill, Lachiyam Nichayam Vellum Oru Naalill
Manamey Ohh Manamey Nee Maarividuu
Maleiyoo Athu Paniyoo Nee Mothividuu” 
stands to be the best tamil motivational songs ever.

Watch this Motivational Tamil song – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-ehRespjoM

9. Nenje Ezhu – Mariyaan Song

tamil motivational songs
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This is one of the motivational tamil songs that will let you rise up when you fed up. The song lyrics has some wonderful lines

Aayiram Suriyan Suttaalum
Karunaiyin Varnam Karainthaalum
Vaan Varai Atharmam Aandaalum
Manithan Anbai Maranthaalum
Valiyaal Un Uyir Theinthaalum
Un Kaathal Azhiyaathae…”   Nenje Ezhu.. Nenje Ezhu..

This Motivational tamil song motivates you in such a way that whatever happens, Rise Up with Courage.

Watch this Motivational Tamil song from Mariyaan Movie – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCxG5raK674

8. Vazhkai Oru Porkalam – Aadukalam Song

tamil motivational songs
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Everyone accepts ‘Life is a BattleField’. Yup ! this is one of the awesome motivational tamil songs that reminds you the above saying. Hear this song and prepare yourself to fight in this worldly battle.

Yedhilumae tholvi koodathadaa
Yemanaiyum vettri nee kollada
Sadhanaiyile vaedhanaighal mudiyum
Varum thalaimurai yen peyaral nimirum

Watch this Motivational Tamil song from Aadukalam Movie – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoZvKKDLj48

7. Sarigame Padhanise – Boys Song

tamil motivational songs
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This song is commonly known as ‘Secret of Success’. Highly enthusiastic music score by ARR gives you the ultimate motivation. When you read the lyrics, you could feel the casual words well cooked together to serve this song as one of the perfect tamil motivational songs.

Luck Kaal Kilo Loss Kaal Kilo
Labour Kaal Kilo, Saethukko
Bakthi Kaal Kilo Hope Kaal Kilo
Talent Kaal Kilo
Yellaam Dhaan Saerthu Kattinaal
Periya Pottalam
Secret Of Success

Watch this Motivational Tamil song from Boys Movie- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOJrvyPPN6M

6. Yaaru Yaaru Netru Saathichathu – Tamil Movie Lee Song

tamil motivational songs
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“When someone can do.! Why Can’t I ?” This falls under such category of tamil motivational songs. This song is in the tamil movie ‘lee’, lead Sibiraj along with Prakash Raj. Just here this song, you will realize the song’s power.

Minsara kambi Ellam, Paravaiku Pon Oonjalae

5. Vetri Nichayam – Annamalai Song

tamil motivational songs
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When it comes to Rajnikanth, Its always a special. This Vetri Nichayam is one of the famous tamil motivational songs for youth. When you decide to achieve anything big, just repeat these lines in your mind

Imayamalai Aagaamal Enathu Uyir Poegaathu
Suuriyan Thuungalaam Enathu Vizhi Thoongaathu
Viyarvai Mazhai Sinthaamal Vetri Malar Poovaathu
Ellaiyai Thodumvarai Enathu Kattai Vaegaathu

Watch this Motivational Tamil Song From Annamalai Movie – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5pEvB87pYc

4. Ethir Neechal Adi – Ethirneechal Song

tamil motivational songs
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Vaali with Anirudh combination gives this wonderful motivational tamil song in the tamil movie Ethirneechal. This song is one of the massive hit of the year. Anirudh magic worked out well in making this in the top list of tamil motivational songs.

Naalai Endrum Nam Kaiyil Illai
Naam Yaarum Devan Kai Bommaigale
Endraal Kooda Poraadu Nanba
Endraikkum Thoarkkaathu Unmaigale”

Watch this Motivational Tamil Song Making – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlrdPZ1feN0

3. Velai Illa Pattadhari – VIP Song

tamil motivational songs
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Dedicated to All-Unemployed. Especially Engineers felt the heat of this song. This is one of the tamil motivational songs exclusively made for VIPattadhari’s.

Thadai Athai Udai
Oru Sariththiram Padai.. Naalai Namathey..
Vali Athai Ozhi
Puthu Vazhi Piranthidum Athu Uruthi

Watch this Motivational VIP Title Song – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dL7P11qkfPg

2. Ellappugazhum Oruvan Oruvanukke – Azhagiya Thamizh Magan Song

tamil motivational songs
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Oscar winner AR Rahman’s golden words “Ellappugazhum Eraivanukae” is slightly altered and composed as a motivational tamil song in Vijay’s movie Azhagiya Thamizh Magan. This song best suits for students. However dare to inspire everybody.

Naalai Naalai Naalai Èndru Indrai Izhakaathey
Nee Indrai Izhakkaathey..Nee Indrai Izhakaathey
Indrai Vithaithaal Naalai Mulaikkum
Adhai Nee Marakkaathey

Watch this Motivational Tamil song from Azhagiya Tamil Magan Movie – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GU1hmTA71Zg

1. Vaazhkaiyil Aayiram Thadaikkal Appa – Padayappa Song

tamil motivational songs
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Life has thousands of obstacles. When you are struck at overtaking it, just hear this song in your headset. The ultimate music of ARR will let you get motivated.

Vaazhkaiyil aayiram thadaikkal appa
Thadaikkallum unakkoru padikkal appa
Vetri kodi kattu pagaivarai muttum varai muttu
Latchiyam ettum varai ettu

Watch this Motivational Tamil song from Vivegam Movie- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlfW2oUxapk

More Recent Motivational Tamil Songs

Thalai Viduthalai Song from Vivegam Movie

tamil motivational song from vivegam
Image courtesy – Youtube Thalaividuthalai

What else do you need from this Motivational star? His voice at the starting could do all magic of cascading immense positivity in you!

“Never Ever Give Up

Vegam Ennum Theeyile Ennai Ootru
Nooru Vaalgal Modhinum Nenjai Kaatu
Rosham Kobam Rendayum Ondru Serthu
Ratham Naalam Engilum Vegam Yetru”

Disclaimer : The song lyrics written here are only for motivational purpose and are solely owned by the lyricists and the songs are owned by audio rights companies and movies. We do not support download, sell the songs or lyrics.



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