Why PM Narendra Modi Doesn’t React When Indian Flag Hoisted Upside Down In ASEAN Submit 2015.?

national flag upside down

Association of South East Asian Nation ( ASEAN ) submit of 2015 created sensation all over India by hosting the Indian National Flag Upside down. Every Indian express their anger towards PM Narendra Modi’s act of not noticing and addressing about the national flag hoisted in wrong way. Hoisting the Indian National Flag upside down in a global submit is a big national shame to every indian. Why this was not been addressed by Indian Prime Minister over there.?

Everyone knows that our PM Narendra Modi is a tech lover and he engages very much with public through his official twitter page @narendramodi.

5 hrs before the ASEAN Submit began, PM twitted

national flag upside down asean submit PM in twitter

Track record of ASEAN countries is strong. Together, we will ensure that this century belongs to Asia!

Talked about how our Govt. is overcoming economic challenges, initiating reforms & creating infrastructure to bring more investment to India

At the ASEAN Business & Investment Summit, I emphasised on India & ASEAN being natural partners & why we must deepen our economic ties.

national flag upside down asean submit PM in tweet

Well after he shaken hands with Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s and done his addressing he twitted “Highlighted need to expand our trade & economic partnership & increase cooperation in development of Ocean Economy.

Well he managed well in emphasizing the Indian value in ASEAN Submit. But why did he failed to save the Real Value of India’s Pride.?

Angry Indians expressed their anger in twitter. But PM ever uttered a single word. Why.?

Abhishek Singhvi posted 

 When India’s PM forgets about the National Flag for a photo OP.

Ankit Agarwal wrote

 Dear Modi haters please hate modi but dont shame the national flag by photoshoping it upside down.

national flag upside down asean submit people anger

Swachh politics wrote

makes himself upside-down (Ulta), to make National Flag Upside-up (Seedha) to pay respect to Flag

Ankush Saxena posted

PM Modi must take action to authority who put upside down National flag in Malaysia, ask Azam, Aiyar, Khurshid