Aranmanai 2 Movie Review – Positives and Negatives From Audience Response

aranmanai 2 movie review rating
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Owing to the success of Aranmanai, almost all the fans of kollywood are excited to watch Aranmanai2. And this is the time this most awaited sequel in theatres. We already have Aranmanai as one of the top horror comedy tamil movies. This Aranmanai 2 is also expected to thrill the audience at the same time could let audience enjoy the fun filled flavour. Whenever Sundar C movie releases, we could see the flock of fans marching towards the theatres expecting a laugh riot. Similarly Aranmanai 2 has Kovai Salara who is known for her awesome comedy along with Suri.

Being in the state of hyper expectation, Aranmanai 2 released in 325+ screens across Tamilnadu. So are you excited to watch this Aranmanai 2 movie? If so are you eager to know about the Aranmanai 2 movie reviews? Here we record some of the response of audience who watched Aranmanai 2. These could definitely gives us a clear picture about the movie rather than reviewing it as in a single person perspective.

Positives About Aranmanai 2 Movie

Prashanth has tweeted the real reason behind watching Aranmanai 2. And yes It’s Sundar C. He has cooked up the movie well and keeps his audience entertained.

The movie has a very good opening as per Sreedhar Pillai.

Troll Cinema have trolled the perfect plot which says well about Aranmanai 2.


Negatives About Aranmanai 2 Movie

As per prashanth, we can’t say this as negative. We all want Aranamani 2 as a perfect entertainer. And the movie proved so. But would be bit non-convincing for intellectuals.

Final Verdict

Go, Watch Aranmanai 2, if you want to laugh and enjoy.

Go, Watch Aranmanai 2, If you enjoy the thrill with fun.

Go, Watch Aranmanai 2, If you expect the movie to be much entertaining than Aranmanai 1.

Movie Rating

Aranmanai 2 movie deserves 3.15/5