Apple iPad Pro – The Biggest News in iPad Since the iPad Launched


Apple iPad are changing the way people look at the world. You may be curious to know with a question in your mind “What’s new in this new Apple iPad Pro ?”  Ofcourse this new Apple new iPad has.! In Apple 2015 event, Tim Cook addressed the public claiming that this new iPad Pro as the biggest news ever from Apple about iPads. You may feel wow while knowing about the incredible features that born in this new iPad Pro.

iPad Pro with Bigger Screen Ever Build

iPad Pro come with the biggest screen ever in the Apple History. 12.9 inches with 5.6 Million Pixel delivering the ultimate clarity that you have never experienced.

Movies as more cinematic.! Games more than real.! Multi tasking features.! Greater battery Life.!

The new Apple ipad pro automatically refreshes its pixel for certain period of time by switching off the unnecessary pixel thus saving the battery life.

Powerful Performance of iPad Pro Ever Than Other iPad

iPad Pro has inbuild Apple exclusive A9X  3rd gen 64 bit Chip making iPad as 1.8X faster than older iOS devices. And in over the evolution in the iPad history the GU of iPad is 360 times faster than the older devices.


4 Speaker Audio System

The New Apple iPad Pro rocks the world with inbuild powerful four speaker audio system which could deliver the greater quality audio to your ears. This is one of the amazing new mind blowing feature of iPad.

The Smart Keyboard

First time ever in the history of Apple, The new Apple iPad Pro here comes with the smarter accessory inbuild with iPad. This smart keyboard could connect with your iPad when it is folded thus transforming your iPad to Mac book. Maybe you need not to look for a case for this new iPad pro 🙂

Apple Pencil in iPad Pro

Apple Pencil is the brand new touch pencil which comes with iPad Pro. With Apple pencil you can even create a perfect map to build a building by drawing exact curves and angles with your Apple pencil. Lighting conductor which comes with the new iPad let you to charge your Apple Pencil too.

Apple iPad Pro – The Doctor Friendly

The new Apple iPad Pro is the one of the most advanced iPad ever which let the doctor to create the 3-dimensional picture of his patient. Any doctor could able to diagnose his patient’s illness in the most pictured manner.

This amazing new Apple iPad pro will be rolled out to our hands from this November 2015.