Apple iPhone X: Top 10 Reasons Why You Love To Buy iPhone X

reasons to buy iphone x
Image Source: Apple India

Didn’t any of the iPhone model excite you when they launched? Of course, the world goes crazy whenever Apple releases its new iPhone model.

According to Statista, Apple has sold 211.88 million iPhone from 3rd quarter of 2007 to 3rd quarter of 2017. Oh, Two hundred Million iPhone users in the world so far.

Are you going to be the one among those millions this year? Didn’t the new iPhone X model drive you crazy towards buying it?

Well, the price would have made you think twice before you decide to buy iPhone X.

But believe me, when Flipkart India has opened the Pre-orders for iPhone X on 27th Oct 2017, all iPhone X model variants went Out of stock in less than a minute.

Yay! Apple lovers!

So, here I’m not going to convince you to join the race. I’m going to strongly put forth the reasons to buy iPhone X as a technology lover.

Reasons to buy iPhone X

10. iPhone X is Powerful

Have u ever imagined a smartphone processor could match a computer’s performance?

Well, the new Apple A11 bionic is capable of processing up to 600 billion operations per second setting a benchmark for any Android smartphones.

iPhone x processor
Image Courtesy : Apple India

iPhone X is also powered by a faster CPU which is 75 percent faster than the previous A10 Fusion of iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple A11 chip is capable of reading the human face. Hence, Apple rightly call it as “Neural Engine” and “Bionic”

Don’t you think iPhone x is powerful now?

9. iPhone X has Super Retina display

When Steve Jobs introduced iPhone 4 with Retina display, it is acclaimed that 300 PPI is enough to produce a clear display in a 3.5-inch device.

However, it evolved gradually producing a 401 PPI display till iPhone 7 Plus variant.

iPhone x display
Image Courtesy : Apple India

iPhone X now stands far ahead with improved PPI of 458 and thus a super Retina display.

This super Retina is an OLED display (Organic Light Emitting Diode). Each and every pixel has its own lighting source. The Pixel will turn ON only when it is necessary thus making iPhone X a brilliant energy saver with bright pixel clarity.

8. iPhone X gives you Augmented Reality experience

No need of a VR box. iPhone X is the first ever smartphone that let you experience and enjoy the Virtual Reality.

This path-breaking technology is a dream for most of the developers. Apple has made the dream come true.

iPhone X Augmented Reality
Image Courtesy : Apple India

You can now find the Augmented Reality games and apps for iPhone X in the apple store.

Image how it could be running behind a Pikachu in AR!

7. iPhone X has Animoji

iPhone X is the first smartphone which let you express yourself more lively. Express your expressions through the beautifully designed Animojis.

The True depth camera of iPhone X mirrors your expression in the form of Animojis.

iPhone X Animoji
Image Courtesy : Apple India

Gonna express your anger on your Boyfriend? No more emojis. Here comes the Animojis in iPhone X.

6. iPhone X has the complete screen and Bezel-less

This is the Top notch in design innovation. No buttons, no headphone jack, Apple has been continuously advancing its look and design through elegant variations.

And it’s time for Bezel-less. You can enjoy the complete 3D touch screen experience in the whole of 5.8 inch iPhone X.

iPhone X Bezel Less display
Image Courtesy : Apple India

Following iPhone X, a number of smartphone bezel-less models such as MI Mix 2, LG V30 began to roll out.

5. iPhone X is Water resistant

Apple has made iPhones resistant to water and dust in the year of 2016. iPhone 7, 7 Plus followed by iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are water and dust resistant. And, iPhone X joins the list.

So, should this be one of the reasons to buy iPhone X?

iPhone X water resistant
Image Courtesy : Apple India

You will realize it’s virtue when you click a photo on Rain or underwater with the stunning camera of iPhone X

4. iPhone X Camera

Two 12 MP cameras, wide angle and telephoto are similar to iPhone 7 and 8 Plus. With respect to the camera, there are almost same features between iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X except for the Portrait mode.

Reasons to buy iPhone X -camera
Image Courtesy : Apple India

You can click a perfect and sharp selfie with a blurred background in the Portrait mode of the front camera. The true depth camera of iPhone X also let you enjoy the Animojis.

3. 70% Buyback offer for iPhone X

The raising mobile network operator Reliance Jio offers a 70 percent buyback offer if you order iPhone X from Reliance store between September 29th to December 31st of 2017.

If you buy iPhone X in this offer, you have an option to sell your iPhone X at 70 percent of MRP after 12 months.

Jio and iPhone X Offer
Image Courtesy : Jio store

You can also get an additional cashback of Rs. 10000 on using Citi Credit or Citi World Debit Cards.

2. iPhone X Unlocks with your Face

After Samsung’s attempt of Iris scanner, Apple succeeded in bringing the face detection technology a reality.

Your face will be your password if you are going to buy iPhone X.

iPhone X Face unlock
Image Courtesy : Apple India

The facial mapping of iPhone X is done in such a way that it analyses nearly 30k invisible dots to create your face map.

Enjoy the fun of unlocking your smartphone through your face.

1. iPhone X brings you Wireless Charging feature

Apple once again proves its identity of building the future through this mind-blowing technology.

No more charger cables required. Power Up your device through the wireless charging stations available.

iPhone X wireless charging
Image Courtesy : Apple India

iPhone X also supports fast charging. Enjoy 50 percent in 30 minutes.

Don’t these reasons convince you to enjoy the prodigiousness of technology?

Do you still think iPhone X is overpriced? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.