Alternatives To Google Wallet – Top 5 Best For Payment

alternatives to google wallet

Today everyone of us want money to be transferred and received instantly. With the aim of fulfilling this need of people, Google had released its official wallet facility to boost the economic standard of people. Now Google wallet has been very much useful for almost every US citizens for instant money transfer. Though google wallet let you to send money to your favorite friend residing in US, we are finding it difficult to transfer money to our friends who are residing in few other countries. Hence we are in search of alternatives to google wallet. Of-course, the best alternatives to google wallet.

While using any digital wallet for our transaction, we must at least have an idea about the process as how these digital wallets works. Ideally for any transaction, Our credit card details stored in our wallet needed to be transferred to the merchant system. This happens wireless via NFC ( Near Field Communication ). Hence, before start using any of these best alternatives to google wallet, we should understand that the wallet should be universally compatible over NFC at merchant end.

Paytm Wallet

Paytm Wallet is one of the fastest growing alternative that you can opt for google wallet. Paytm Wallet is very much useful for people in India. Without exposing the card details, this wallet let you to enjoy hassle free instant money transfer with faster checkout. One of the prominent feature of Paytm wallet is that its offers. Yes Paytm wallet offers you incredible cashback offers on shopping online. Also if you want to transfer money to your beloved ones, you need not to search for their card details, you can just enter their mobile number and transfer your amount.

alternatives to google wallet oxigen paytm
Image Source – Screen Grab of Paytm

Oxigen Wallet

Similar to Paytm wallet, Oxigen wallet too grows rapidly with its user-friendly features. Through Oxigen wallet you can transfer money, pay bills, recharge your mobile etc., This is again among the top choice of digital wallet for people in India. Oxigen gives us plenty of reason as why we can choose oxigen wallet. This looks like a clear justification for oxigen wallet being chosen as one of the alternatives to google wallet in India.

alternatives to google wallet oxigen
Image Source – Screen Grab of Oxigen


LoopPay is one of the universally accepted alternatives to google wallet. When you think of not having the facility to use google wallet, you can definitely go for LoopPay. This alternative wallet are accepted by more than 10 million merchants worldwide. You can enable your card information in LoopPay and pay securely.

alternatives to google wallet looppay
Image Courtesy – Screen Grab of LoopPay

Apple Pay

If you don’t want google, then here is it’s top most competitor who offers online payment services at its best. Yes, Apple Pay is one of the worldly accepted most secure and reliable wallet. Apple have been continuously renovating the features of this wallet in every operating system version. The touch ID enabled in Apple Pay always make you feel very much secured. If you have an iOS device, then Apple Pay should be your first and best alternative to google wallet.

alternatives to google wallet apple pay
Image Source – Screen Grab of Apple

Paypal – Top among the alternatives to google wallet

When comes to Paypal, nothing more to explain. The one and only best, secure, fastest means of financial transaction source available in internet. You are expected only to have an e-mail id as your authorized Paypal Id. And yes, you can do whatever money transaction you want from your linked bank account.

So when you really want any of the best alternatives to google wallet, you can choose any of these best financial payment services. The above mentioned two are for Indians, while the rest are for the rest of the world.