Ajith Movie Character – 10 Most Inspiring Ajith Movie Characters

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The Thala of Tamil cinema celebrates his birthday on this may day. Ajith Kumar’s dialogue in his movies has inspired millions of his fans. Similarly, in every character, he plays in the movie motivates an ordinary man to live an extraordinary life. Below is the list of Ajith movie character that could inspire you if you watched the movie.

10. Ajith movie character as a sincere lover boy

Ajith Kumar is recognized as one of the handsome heroes in Tamil cinema. This Ajith movie character in Kadhal Kottai inspires you to be a true lover. Ajith as Surya sincerely waits with love in his heart to see her loverĀ until the end.

ajith character in kadhal kottai

9. Ajith movie character as a real citizen

Expressing the anger of a common citizen, Ajith Kumar has played his role that inspires every citizen to know their rights of birthplace.

ajith movie character in citizen

8. A Good son who fulfills father’s dream

Ajith Kumar as Shakthi vel strives hard to fulfill the ambition of his father to become a sincere police officer.

ajith movie character in kreedom

7. Brave Sathyadev

Be like Sathyadev, who takes care of his daughter in all the hurdles. Be brave enough to face people in your life who threaten you, they will sway away from your sight.

ajith character in yennai arinthal

6. Learn to be kind and be loyal to the family who loves you

Vinayagam was strong in protecting his brothers and the family who had showered love on him.

ajith character in veeram

5. Ajith movie character as a delicate brother and a beast for enemy

Being a rowdy, Vedhalam turned to live a normal life for the welfare of his sister. At the same time, he had gone extreme to protect his sister from the nonsense of evil men.

ajith movie character in vedhalam

4. Ajith Kumar as Ashok Kumar

“A thorn can only be removed with another thorn”, Ajith’s smart move in the movie could inspire us to act smarter in the realm of any situation in life.

ajith movie character in aarambam

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3. Real Thala

Act smart enough in your life to be called as “Thala” by your friends and circles. Only a few deserve the honor of being called.

ajith movie character in dheena

2. Kingmaker Vinayak Mahadev

No one would forget this Ajith movie character in Mankatha. The voice of Ajith as “Kingmaker” creates goosebumps and inspire us to live a life like a kingmaker. Yes, you can !

ajith movie character in mankatha1. Design your life by yourself

Plan your goal, move towards it by utilizing every day, every hour and even every minute to achieve just like David Billa.

ajith movie character

Enjoy these Ajith movie characters and stay inspired by taking the right meaning in it!