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Welcome to Medulla Infomata! I was arguing with my father for a motorbike that I have always craved for. In order to justify my choice of brand and type, I typed “the best motorbike” in a search engine’s search bar and clicked on enter. My search keyword was ‘the best‘ which is already a superlative degree. Though I did not expect a single search result yet I  hoped for a much  filtered results. My adrenaline hormone  loaded along with the page as I wanted my choice of motor bike to be retrieved in the search. But the search resulted in enormous finds on the search topic. My father gave me a scorching look and said that if he finds the bike I desire in top 10 list, he will definitely get it.


This event in my personal life created an impulse and was an inspiration for MEDULLA INFOMATA, which provides top 10’s for you in all the topics that one could think.  Medulla infomata is driven by young minds whose thirst for search is always in excited state. Medulla Infomata is a reserve of all the rare finds and information. Motive of MI is to offer you the top list in diverse topics like technology, food, life style, travel, education, humor, entertainment etc. MI strives to feed you with reliable, clean ,simple and easy to digest information in a nutshell. To be Crispy Medulla Infomata is an Information Zone to the World. Medulla Infomata is a Tech Initiation of Young Indian Engineers to serve the recipe of Top and Best.


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