5 Best Travel Apps That Makes Your Travel Easy

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Gone are those days when people used to sit on a computer device to book a cab. Now they prefer to book a cab while moving around in order to save time. If you are also exploring apps that will help you travel with ease then here’s a list of 5 best travel Apps that will make your travel easy. All these apps allow you to book cabs near you instantly by tracking your location and you are free to pay after the ride is completed. All these apps also work efficiently and the companies boast having superior cars as well as well-mannered staff members.


Uber is a world-renowned cab service that has operations in 50 nations so it’s a name you can trust. When you book a cab through this app, you will get details like driver’s name, rating and registration. It will allow you to know who you are travelling with and you will feel much safer. You can forward these details to your family as a precaution too. The fare estimate feature of the website is very cool. Users can pay via PayPal and credit card.travel-app-uber


Ola cabs have a distinct feature that allows you to pay via Ola money. You can keep some money in your Ola account and pay as you go. This app also allows you to see the cab coming to you which will help you stay calm while you wait. You can also increase your Ola money by referring friends. The “ride later” option for future rides is really cool too if you plan travel in advance.



This app allows you to view your travel history which may come in handy when you wish to book return or repeat journeys. You can also modify or cancel trips with one touch.  The best thing about this app is that it allows you to share the tracking link through SMS/ Whatsapp/ Email with anyone you trust to let them know of your exact route. This way no one would harm you when you are on your way home, even at night. The company serves over 50 Indian cities right now.




This is a cool app that allows you to self drive to any location of your choice. Here you will have total control over your journey and you will not be dependent on anyone. The app also provides you with the ability to withdraw wallet money into your bank account from within the app which means your money will always be safe. The pickup and drop-off checklists are also very easy to understand.



Myles is a self-drive or car sharing app that is a part of COR India Private Limited which is a famous Indian car rental brand with global scale as their fleet size and operations are very vast. Car sharing feature would reduce your travel bills and self drive will help you stay in control. We suggest you try them both and go for the one that suits you best.



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