24 Movie Review And Rating With Positives And Negatives

suriya 24 movie review rating
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Are you the person who had aimed of becoming a doctor when you were studying 12th std and became an engineer now? How would you feel if you go back to your days and change your destiny of becoming a doctor again. Yes in movies, we call it as Time Travel. We have number of time travel English movies which had made greater impact in the minds of people to make them enjoy the concept of time travel. In 2015, we had Neatru Indru Naalai as an awesome time traveler Tamil movie. Similarly when you had watched Surya’s 24 movie trailer, you might have definitely got an idea about the movie of being a time travel Tamil movie. So is that true? How is the movie 24? Is it upto the level of Indru Neatru Naalai? You might have different such questions in your mind if you are planning to watch 24 movie. Here is the 24 movie review and 24 movie rating with its positive and negatives.

While watching the movie, we could realize how much does the crew of 24 movie put their effort to cook a commercially spicy Tamil movie with the science incorporated.

So how about the characters of 24 movie? 

Surya as Scientist Dr. SethuRaman and Aathraya and Mani have given a perfect characterized differentiation. Both the heroines have been utilized wisely to the story. Sharanya as mother had given her asusual performance. While other characters like sathyan, and the family members share only few minutes of screen. 

How is the title relates to the movie ? 

Still first half, I was sitting thinking about this. Especially when you hear the word ‘Project 24’ several times in the first half. But the answer for this question will be revealed immediately after the interval.

How is the first half of 24 movie ? 

Starting with a breezy environment with lovely scenes, the early 45 min could give you a powerful impact about the movie. After there comes as usual story with the scene links to the early. But the love scenes could have been made better.

How is the second half of 24 movie? 

The start of second half is a suspense breaker of the first half ending, again the love scenes are quire boring. When Athraya takes the screen, we could feel the intense of heat. The core of the story could be felt at the climax that reveals the eagle act.

Positives of 24 Movie
  • Surya as Athraya
  • BGM 
  • Story
  • Visual elements
Negatives of 24 Movie
  • Some repeated dialogues as “I’m a watch mechanic, sarva sadarnamana vishayam”
  • Rewinding some scenes