2 states : latest Hindi movie worth watching?

Image Courtesy -www.fullyentertainer.com

2 states, the latest Hindi movie which Bollywood has to offer has a lot of plus. The first plus is the intercultural romance. If you don’t know how tough intercultural romance is, see this movie. You would wish to start checking for your life-partner within your own culture whom you and your parents are comfortable with. But Love knows no bounds right? This is precisely what you are going to expect in this latest Hindi movie starring Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor..  And that is not the only plus in the movie. You can expect a striking chemistry between the lead pairs. They are so adorable. And the music! The music and songs go well with the movie. Definitely worth checking it out.


Image Courtesy -www.fullyentertainer.com
Image Courtesy -www.fullyentertainer.com

Even with this many pluses, the movie also has some minuses. I believe that this latest Hindi movie could have been toned down to about fifteen minutes. The initial romance between the lead pairs could have been toned down. I am saying this because, the endurance of these lead pairs in convincing their parents forms the interesting part in the movie. I mean, falling in Love is easy. But staying in Love requires work right? This is what we most likely want to see more.

And also the amount of times the lead pairs have sex could have been cut to a single time. I am saying this because it felt repetitive and at times felt unnecessary. And the ending ten minutes should have been cut. The movie should have ended with the conversation between the protagonist and his father. Here it felt as if the movie has dragged another 10 minutes or so. A few montage clips of the marriage would have sufficed at the ending.

Bottom line: Even though this latest Hindi movie has this many minuses, it works well with the audience simply due to the fact that every one of us Indians can relate to these characters very well. This is a well scripted movie and it can make the theater hall catch fire with its amazing lead pairs. I am giving it a 4/5