10 Things To Know About Dr Abdul Kalam That Gives You Goosebumps

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The Entire nation mourns the death of a great person Dr. Abdul Kalam. Most of us will be knowing about him. But some things we doesn’t know about Dr APJ Abdul Kalam that are illustrated here.

Abdul Kalam -The Symbol of Humble

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When Abdul Kalam came out of the President residence he just had two suit cases with him. Consisting of his clothes in one and books in the another one.

Abdul Kalam – Every Student’s Real Hero

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Abdul Kalam has approximately spoke to 20 crore students and finally had his death in front of students. Who else will sit like this with students unless he is Dr. APJ

Abdul Kalam – A Nature lover

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Once he was asked that what is the thing that you regret the most which you should have done as president of India. Abdul Kalam replied with a gentle smile that he should have made Rashtrapati Bhavan 100% Solar. The above picture was revealed by hindustan times stating that was his last day in office.

Abdul Kalam – Hater of Publicity 

abdul-kalam-picsOnce Abdul Kalam was stopped at some airport for checking. when media asked him about the incident, he replied “leave it, it is’nt worth talking

Abdul Kalam – A Practical Engineering Student

 abdul-kalam-in-collegeAbdul Kalam is a student of St.joseph’s college of engineering and student of MADRAS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. A normal person like today engineering students who entered the MIT gate with full of engineering dreams. When he came out of college he proved that he is the real engineer to this world.

The Pride For Awards

Abdul Kalam Recieving padmabushan
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The rock-star reception APJ Abdul Kalam received at the Russian Academy of Sciences & @CERN, Switzerland during 2005 tour was the first ever for an Indian president.

The Dream Igniter

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The most inspiring quote ever uttered mentioned in over 150 plus quote books “Dreams are not what we see in sleep, dreams are those which do not let you sleep.”

Let us dream & succeed

Lover of Work

hqdefaultWhen Abdul kalam was about to give a speech at a school he was questioned by students why do we have holidays on leaders death days and Kalam was surprised and replied with a smile “DONT DECLARE HOLIDAY IF I DIE, INSTEAD WORK AN EXTRA DAY, IF U LOVE ME”

The Historic Glory Leader

Do u know??
Dream of APJ Abdul Kalam
Revive the glory of historic NALANDA UNIVERSITY
But SONIA GANDHI & Amartya Sen ruined & thrown APJ out.

The Real Teacher of the Nation

abdul-kalam-real-teacherAimed to be a pilot ended up as a rocket scientist ! Further ended up as the teacher of the nation. We all love you sir may your soul rest in peace