10 Social Change in India that Are Not Changed Actually yet

India needs some things to be changed immediately. Changes occur in several parts across India, yet every good citizen needs the below social change in India. Some have became a myth about India which creates mishap.

10. Celebrity Worships

Nowadays when a hero gives a consecutive hit movies then he becomes a superstar. From those days till now we could see rasigar mandrams for big hero and if any movie of them is released drastically we could find out big cut outs and banner. The practice of pouring milk over the cut outs have not changed in India. Though superstar actors like Ajith condemn such practise, these have not yet changed. Why don’t people think that celebrity do their profession and get paid. Don’t we have our life to be taken care?

social change not changed
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9. Big Banners

social change
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If anyone says that In future, Walls in public places of India are gonna be replaced with ceramic coated sheets, it’s no longer a surprise indeed these big banners will do.! Though banners are meant for advertising campaign there is no restrictions in allocating the space. If the ads restricted public place get thousands of people passer by, the same may become legal later through money. If a normal man decides to enter into politics we could see his clones in every streets in the form of banners. If a famous politician travel in car through any famous locality, his banners will be popped up all over his travel route. Why does this persist till now? Of course may be for ‘take diversion’ to occur.

8. Litters in Road

social change
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The most unused public property present in roadside is the bin. Foreign return Indians will say that they could never find a piece of litter in the roads of foreign countries, but the same will be throwing the wrapper of chocolate or biscuit in roads when they come to India. Why is this happening throughout? Don’t we have any strict laws to fear? or no one to implement them in full force.? If so then why this has not changed in India yet? Don’t We, the people of India deserves this social change in India?

7. Huts and Slums

social change slums in india
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We may agree with huts transformation to buildings in major areas across the state. But still you can find huts lined up before Ambani’s house. Good ratio was maintained between huts and buildings in interior parts of Mumbai. The same will be observed when you pass through north chennai. The huts are the top thing that have not Changed in India. Anyone has the authority to talk about the fact of “Rich getting richer and the rest getting Poorer”. But why no one or no government is ready to take up this leap for wholesome transformation of huts and slums into a better place to live in India.

6. Roads

social change roads in india
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It’s quite a general phenomenon known by Indians that the Indian roads will have their rebirth only at the time of election and it will have its life healthier for 6 months. Why don’t this be changed ?.Why can’t this be a literal social change in India.? Of course NH connecting the states are awesome and well maintained, this may be financially supported by toll gate fee. If those roads can be proved to be well maintained why don’t the normal roads which also gets financial support from public by their road tax.!

 5. Public Toilets

social change public toilets in india
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Here comes Eco-friendly toilets. Yes e-toilets. Ofcourse this may a big example of social change in India. I appreciate this effort for public hygiene. But will have to question the government “when it took just hardly one month for a candidate who stands for election to go round the state asking for votes, why not implementing this system all over the district with enormous work force, public work department labour and ministers specially appointed for hygiene in his hands.?”.

4. Drainage System

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Chennai doesn’t live in the shades of ganges or cool breeze of marina. It’s actually under the smell of koovam. Even if such a metro politic city’s fate is with koovam then think about other areas and places that have not changed in India. Every ruling party which comes into force allocate thousands of crore in cleaning this koovam river, ironically this had been published in news and announcements were also made. But still not even the smell of drainage is vanished. This is a major social issue which requires severe attention for social change in India. No one even dare to ask where does that thousands of crore go.? This is not only regarding koovam in chennai. Many streets across India have open drainage water flowing over the land. So what’s the solution for this.?

3. Ticket queue

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After a long struggle for more than a decade, our central railways have come up with implementation of automated ticket counters in the metro-cities sub urban stations. Since we can find a long queue standing in front of that machine with a ticket issuer at the other side. Though these have been considered as one step advancement, this automated ticketing system have not yet reached the 95% of indian stations. IRCTC has been the top hit in Google in the year 2014. However this has ease only the reservations for the ticket while no effective system was yet implemented for daily train or daily bus travellers. Android and iOS App Store has thousands of games for people to pass their time, but not a single dedicated app successfully launched along with public awareness for local tickets and season renewal yet.

2. Conductor

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Being in Tech Era, everything was redesigned smarter. Smartphones today are believed to rule people lives. Lakh and lakhs of engineering graduates pass out every year. 50% of projects they accomplish in final year are proved to be innovative though they depend on others. Those Engineers deserves this technological social change in India. Still why a man in a bus should carry his whole body struggling between the crowd to issue a paper as a token of ticket to the public.? Are there no other innovations done yet to overcome this? Or those innovations and ideas remain slept in the library room of the colleges.?

1. Begging

social change begging in india
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Starting from hill till road, street corner to street end, temple to church, railway station to bus terminal they can be found. These people now a days have become omni-potent. Since Indian Independence, Beggars are made as a symbol for India. Why don’t the minds of 100 crore population can take steps to eradicate these begging community. I never mean to demolish those people but only their lifestyle. This phenomenon is not yet changed in India by any government or any strong party who had ruled and now ruling. As a citizen of India have you ever thought of any idea in populating this issue for extinction or does any media care or dare to change their lives.?! Needed a drastic social change in India on this, Isn’t it?



  • Ethan

    yej you are right in india these problems are common recently before 1 year ago i visit india with my tour group eveything is fine. people of india are really helpful and so nice but these problems which you include still creating problem to development this beautiful country. Another one problem is that people on public place do smoke and spit every where its really bad.

    • allan

      Ethan.! You are right. People who visit India are also suffering drastically due to these. These needs to be taken care immediately. But there was no response for the past years. Hope the days are not far.!!

  • veeralakshmiganesh

    Excellent. Some wards chenges

  • veeralakshmiganesh