10 Reasons Why IT People Don’t Quit Their Job Even If They Want To

it people wont quit job
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Ask an IT guy, “How much would be your income at the age of 30?”. He may give you a stunning answer.

But put forward another question, “What is the retirement age of an IT employee?”

Oops, he may stay dumb!

How many of your colleagues in your company are aged greater than 40?

Have you ever thought or counted? If not, Do!


You need to know how your life would be at the age of 45.

Don’t you know this reality? You will definitely know.
Even I know. But still, I’m an employee of an MNC.

You may get pissed off with your company’s behavior or your boss’s behavior. You may shout out loud within yourself saying that you want to quit.

But you will never do. You know why?

Here are the few reasons that prevent you from quitting the IT job even if you think you want to.

♣ The CTC

They welcome you with a sound package of 2.5L per annum if you are a fresher.

Which means a fresh talent’s COST TO THE COMPANY is purely attractive.

IT people ctc

But when years roll on. The word ‘Appraisal’ rules your destiny every year.

You need to have extra skills like laughing at your boss insane joke to save your CTC.

♣ Credit Card Bills

If you take your purse out of your pocket in front of your colleagues, you should have a credit card.

If not, you are not a dignified IT professional.

IT people credit cards

How do you pay your credit card bills and EMIs if you quit your job?

This thought doesn’t allow any IT employee to quit.

♣ Social Status

Planning to get married?

If you have a badge as “Manager or Assistant Manager in an IT company” your marriage will be a heavenly arrangement.

IT people social status

Planning to rent a house?

Almost all house owners happily give the house for rent to IT employees.

More such social statuses will be lost if you quit your IT job. Right?

♣ Weekend Trips and Movies

IT employees most weekend will be occupied.
You always want your weekend to be a stress buster Saturday or a blockbuster Sunday.

For this, you will definitely plan to watch a new movie release or a nice trip with your friends once a month.

it people weekend trip

Come on man! How can you enjoy your weekends without your card balance?

For this, you need a job right!

♣ The BMW Plan

How much is my manager earning? So should I be too in his age!

This is a quite natural thinking of every IT employee. Whenever you see a BMW or an Audi, your mind imagines you to be inside it.

it people in bmw

For this, you won’t quit your IT job and continue to be in the dream of buying, at the age of your manager.

♣ Wearing a Brand

Being an ITan you would always prefer to hold a brand new iPhone, Levis jeans, Jack and Jones t-shirts, Puma shoes and Titan watches.

it people and brand

If you wish to quit your job, you cannot be a brand Ambassador of multi brands, right?

So you will never quit your IT job even if you wish to quit.

♣ Onsite Opportunities

“Hey, you will get an Onsite opportunity if you are experienced in a service based MNC” this biggest prophecy of the millennium makes you fall for an MNC.

it people onsite planp

So how could you quit your IT job even if your manager accuses you of something?

If you did, then your dream of working in a foreign country may vanish, right?

♣ Investment Plans

Zero satisfaction on salary. Yet, 25 percent of income goes into investment plans like mutual funds, stocks, and shares.

You might not have full knowledge on these investments, but you have invested because your IT colleague has already done.

it people investment plans

If you quit your IT job, then you won’t be able to buy more shares right?

So you will not quit, even if you wish to.

♣ Team Lunch and Outing

IT Builds its employees culture through team lunches and team outings.

When you show your team outing pictures to your dad who works at a government office, he might feel jealous.

it people team outing

Oh shh, how could you make others jealous about your luxurious dinner, if you quit your IT job? So you won’t.

♣ The Top Class Office Premises

If you wish to live a top class billionaire lifestyle, it might take years for you.

But if you wanna get into a billionaire’s premises. Then you can say ‘Yes, I’m IN’.

it people team outing

It campuses have such mind-blowing infrastructure and facilities that most of the normal workers doesn’t get. Agree?

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Then buddy, yes you won’t quit your IT job, even if you wish to. 

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