10 Things That Went Extremely Wrong In Bahubali Telugu Movie

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This is not a review this is just a galore of mistakes that made movie from pretty to pity!!!

10. Hype Not Matched in this Bahubali Telugu Movie

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Given the hype and marketing the film failed to entice the bahubali telugu movie goers completely . When the bahubali movie makers hyped it to be a jaw dropping experience it eventually made our jaws to drop not in awe of film making but for YAWNing.

9. A Warning or An Inspiration ?

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Our Favorite bahubali telugu movie director is truly inspirational to the young directors and paved the way how creativity should be? But he has also proved to be a sign of warning of what will happen if there’s enough story in it.

8. Not So REAL

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The moustaches weren’t natural, the beard wasn’t, skins not so natural. Sense of artificiality was prevalent. We aren’t complaining about the huge monumental graphical error but with these ground level basics where the director failed to deliver even with the whopping amount he had the privilege to make it as truly monumental in bahubali telugu movie.

7. Multiple Intermission

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A movie is supposed to have one intermission but Bahubali movie gave the audience a plenty of chance to go out for a chill out within a chill out with its dummy songs. “Songs” went horribly wrong and misplaced.

6. Big Feet Small Shoes!!!

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Remember those fiery eyes of Ramya Krishnan in Amman and neelambari ?? She sparked those eyes here and there in bahubali telugu movie and we wish there’s plenty to come in part 2 atleast. Nasser was completely wasted in entire 160 min . He could easily steal the show with his wicked act but yet again the director hasn’t given enough meat to his jaws. Anushka enslaved in story as well as in her performance in this bahubali telugu movie. Imagine how many goosebumps would Anushka had given ?if she had a little more than tamana. Huge wells poured in with little water.

5. Cuts at Wrong Places

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‘Editing’ one among the culprit to drown Bahubali movie is a serious shock. Known for his flawless transition of his screenplay Rajamouli faltered with  the smoothness of the flow. There were plenty of hiccups all the way through and editing was the biggest mistake.

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4. Over Dose of Heroism

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” Too much of anything is good for nothing “. This is exactly what happened with ‘Bahubali telugu movie’. The story should make us to get the sense of ‘Heroism’ not the cliched dialogues to show he’s the hero. Prabhas though aptly the best fit hasn’t lived up to his potential. Tonnes of scenes chanting ‘Bahubali Bahubali …’ Only added fuel to the ‘hate flame’.

3. Misleading Genre

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Bahubali Conceptualised as ‘fantasy mythological action drama’ went horribly wrong when it got executed on the screen. The movie looked like a spoof of ‘ SKI SAFARI’ game, ‘ ‘Ninjump’. The scenes of this bahubali telugu movie weren’t convincing enough to even for a layman.

2. 100 year old template story

There should be a rock solid script and screenplay to match the humongous budget that’s been estimated around 250 crores. A wafer thin story that’s been around almost 100 years failed to engage the audiences. Bahubali movie failed to deliver these basics too.

1. The Casting in Bahubali Telugu Movie

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It seems Rajamouli was digging a grave himself when he casted ‘Tamana’ as a clan warrior. She never justified the role of a warrior even in audiences’ wildest dreams. Could’ve been different if Anushka has been swapped for her role.

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  • Rajendra Reddy

    Prasanth Kumar analysed very well. Great analysis. Jakanna even betrayed his own fans.
    Bahubali – A Maha Mega mixture of a ps3 video game with karan arjun and prince of persia and avatar and god knows how many more inspired hollywood flicks all mixed into a cocktail of lavish wasted huge sets straight out of amar chitra katha comic turned into a mega headache epic of melodrama and excessive ear shattering band baaja drums blasting to create a mahabharat like war zone of bygone era somewhere in indian soil near a giant waterfall. If the impression was to create a magnus opus then it appears it did create for some 35 percent of the film…rest of the time..the story was basically clueless how to fit in along with dancing acrobatic songs. Rocks being torn literally into a sledge to avoid an avalanche and taking bull by its horns literally were seriously ridiculous work of a genius suffering from delusions of grandeur. Scary eyed mother of karan arjun aka bahu bali shouting about shassan will scare me in my dreams for a month atleast. Nice effort all in all to show me just the beginning and making me speculate how this mega conclusion will happen in 2016. Till then i will just have sleeping pills to cure my insomnia.

  • Rajendra Reddy

    Bahubali is a visual BLUNDER. Rajamouli has no historical sense. There is no sensibility in this film. Only grandeur. Rajamouli and Tamil director Shankar, who are not more educated, not have enough resoursefulness or exposure, are resorting to making these kind of crude movies. They became prisoners of their own dogma. UNEVEN STORYTELLING, WEAK CLIMAX, UNDERDEVELOPED CHARACTERS, NO EMOTIONAL GRIP… these are the hall marks of Bahubali movie. Sensible critics should tell the truth. They should not get carried away by hype and sensation which at the end damage the careers of directors like Shankar and Rajamouli. I watched the Telugu version. Rajamouli even betrayed his fans by trying to manipulate that he was making a great movie.