10 Most Romantic Unique Wedding Proposal Ideas That Let You Say Wow


Well said that “Marriages are made in Heaven but Marriage proposals are made on Earth”. Every boy and girl have their unique wedding proposal ideas in their mind. Of course today teen are very romantic. They want the best proposal ideas which has to be unique. There are lots and lot of creative ways to propose marriage. Medulla Infomata gives you some of the romantic collection of unique wedding proposal ideas that could let you say ‘wow’.

10. He Gives the Sunshine of Love to Her

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This is one of the best marriage proposal ever. Awesome moment captured along with the sunshine in the cave. This guy might have number of unique wedding proposal ideas that could make him to take his girlfriend in a deserted cave. Looks like under the blessings of almighty he is proposing his beloved. One of the cutest proposal ever.

9. He Could Dare Anything For Her

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Into the cliff of rock this guy has gone crazy with his marriage proposal. This has been one among the unique wedding proposal ideas that only few teens execute. How dare could he took his girlfriend. May be his love for her is too deep.

8. She Burst Into Tears of Love

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Only few could make their girlfriend cry with love. This guy has proved his love for her in his very first creative proposal. He has taken her to the simple side rock of sea. With the charm of his instrument and roses at the bed of her foot he had proved himself that he too had unique wedding proposal ideas for her.

7. Cold Lover – Chill Love

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Looking at the pic could make us to think ‘Wish we would be there with our girlfriend‘. This guy’s wedding proposal is one of the most romantic symbol of love. His idea of telling ‘I Love You Babe‘ could give warmth to her girlfriend in the ice surrounded area. This wedding proposal idea is of-course one of the most romantic unique wedding proposal in the world.

6. Will You Marry Me

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His plan for the wedding proposal is much more romantic. Not only taking his girlfriend to the waterfall area but also his pre-planning of carving the words ‘Will you marry me‘ made this as one among the unique wedding proposal ideas.

5. This Guy is Crazy

Image Source – pinterest

Standing in the edge of the cliff. This couple is ready to begin their love life. This is one of the craziest unique wedding proposal ideas. But don’t try.

4. Romantic Scene 

Image Source - pinterest
Image Source – pinterest

The arrangements were romantic. Looking like a Bollywood love song starring with the most romantic leads. Of course a cinematic wedding proposal idea but added with a love flavor of perfect romance.

3. Grand Heart Opening 

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This is the grand proposal arrangement specially made for marriage proposal for this guys girlfriend. Imagine you standing with your sweetheart. Looking at such decorations could give us number of creative proposal ideas.

2. At the Peak Of Love

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This location looks like one of the famous movie locations. We could see number of romantic songs shot in similar place. This guy might have got such fantastic and unique wedding proposal ideas for his fiance. This pic could let us say wow if we look deep into this.

1. What A Thought !

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Ever imagined to propose like this. This guys went deep into the seabed to get his girlfriend an amazing feel of love. One of the astonishing unique wedding proposal ideas ever seen.