10 Things Interesting About Ok Kanmani Movie

Ok Kanmani is recognized as the Legendary Master Love story of this generation. Although there was a critic that the ok kanmani movie revolves around the Live-in-Relationship concept. The story ends with the positivism of being getting married. Here are some of the interesting things about Ok Kanmani.

10. Real Life Incident Scene in Ok Kanmani

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A particular scene in the movie where the hero traverse his lady love to Ahmedabad is actually based on his real life incident with Suhasini and the director with a blush accepted in a reality show.

9.  No Abusive Language Used

The censor issued a certificate U/A for a film that hasn’t have any abusive language , violence or intimate scene when Ratnam approached the censor board he was given a shocker of a statement because he had used the theme of LIVE IN RELATIONSHIP in his movie, interestingly Mouna Raagam has been given A CERTIFICATE because of the usage of the theme ‘Divorce’ . I’m sure this one is a shocker to all of us.

8. Petitions given to Prevent Piracy

Even after a week of release it is the only movie that hasn’t released on the Internet because of the complaint filed against the internet piracy against Google india ,YouTube and other platforms by Maniratnam And this certainly adds penny to his box office gatherings.

7. This song took AR Rahman to compose in 70 days for Ok Kanmani

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Vairamuthu may be the lyricist of the movie but the words sinamika and anathika was given by Rahman and Ratnam. The song aye sinamika was originally 20 minutes but he had to cut down the song to 6 min. There was another quite interesting about Ok Kanmani song especially this is the only song where Rahman composed it for more that 70 days. Indeed this is why we call him the God of music. Sarcastically other music composers finish a movie’s sound works in 70 days.

6. Speaker in Royal Enfield

While filming the ‘mental manathil‘ song, in order the bring the same amount of energy and fun as emotions , a huge speaker was kept in between Adi and Thara between them while riding on the royal Enfield and the Mumbaikars weren’t unable to spot the source of the sound was very interesting about Ok Kanmani’s director masterpiece and were left in a perplexed gaze.

5. Real Song Recorded in iPad

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It was very very interesting about Ok kanmani as well as AR Rahman. First time a track from the movie “paranthu sella va” was composed from an iPad app LOOPY HD well the maestro had justified the statement ‘music Is everywhere’ and the app developer is certainly riding on luck with AR Rahman’s free promotions.

4. Nithya Menon was Not the First Choice of Mani Rathnam

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At first it was Alia Bhat who was offered the role of Nithya Menon but she denied the offer may be in her mind she knows that she couldn’t have done justice to the character thara as Nithya did.

3. First Time Legendary ‘Bharathanattiyam’ dancer acted in OK Kanmani

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Very first time that a legendary ‘Bharathanattiyam’ dancer Leela Samson has been roped in for a vital role in the film. Also interesting she was the chairperson of the CENTRAL BOARD OF FILM CERTIFICATION quietly surprisingly Mani casted her like pulling a bunny out of the hat.

2. Sounds Captured at Live Spot in Ok Kanmani

Only Tamil film to be shot entirely using the ‘live sound’ technology. Live sound technology is actually recording all the sound that creeped in while recording through the lens so if a bird chirped while the shot is taken the same intensity and realistic value will be reverberated while watching has made the audience to enjoy this interesting feature made in Ok Kanmani. Sound cool right ?? Yes it is !!

1. Dulquer Salman was not the First Choice for Ok Kanmani

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Dulquer Salman is now extremely happy about Ok Kanmani success. Before signing on the dotted lines by Dulquer Salman for Ok Kanmani. Mani Ratnam approached Fahad Fazil and the Telugu dashing stars Ram Charan and Allu Arjun they denied it because of the skepticism of becoming a commercial success.