10 Flag Hoisting Rules In India – Does Everyone Follow.?

flag hoisting rules in india
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Our Indian National flag has been obtained after the loss of many precious lives. Many have sacrificed their life for flying this Tricolor flag in our Indian soil. In this Independence day, everywhere round the nation will be hoisting our Indian National Flag as the symbol of a nation’s pride. Every country has there own flag hoisting rules. Similarly we too have certain flag hoisting rules in India. These hoisting rules are neither be re-framed nor be rewritten even in writing articles. Hence we have given you these 10 flag hoisting rules in India framed by our Indian constitution. This flag hoisting rules must be followed in every nook and corner of India. There are certain do’s and don’ts in handling and displaying the national flag. But does everyone follow.?

Here are the top 10 flag hoisting rules in India that are to be remembered when displaying a flag.

1. The tricolor flag should not be used as a festoon and thus cannot be used for any decorative purpose. In simple terms, it cannot be used like party flags 

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2. When the national flag is in the flag mast, no other flag should be placed above or side by side or higher than the National flag.

3. The national flag must be flown only from sunrise to sunset. This rule applies in all weather conditions.

4. The national flag should always be given an honourable place and distinct place.

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flag hoisting rules in india
India’s Virat Kohli holds a national flag during celebrations after India won their ICC Cricket World Cup final match against Sri Lanka in Mumbai April 2, 2011. REUTERS/Adnan Abidi (INDIA – Tags: SPORT CRICKET)

5. The tricolor flag should be hoisted briskly and lowered slowly.

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flag hoisting rules in india in independence day
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6. The national flag is in damaged or soiled state then it should not be displayed.

7. Any kind of lettering should not be put on the national flag.

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flag hoisting rules in india to know
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8. When the national flag is hoisted or lowered, the persons present in the spot should stand in attention and face the flag and salute the flag appropriately.

9. The tricolor flag can be displayed either horizontally or vertically. If the flag is displayed vertically, then Saffron color should be on the left when the flag hoisting person faces the flag. When flown horizontally, then Saffron should be on the top.

10. The flag should be raised to uppermost in the flag mast with the flag rope tight. The flag should be rectangle in the ratio of 3:2.