10 Extreme Positives in Puli Movie Everyone Failed to Realize in Puli Reviews

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Positives in ‘Puli Movie’

Positives? Shocked? This must be the instant reactions of the readers to see positives in the film puli. Amidst a wave of thousands negative reviews aka fake reviews or paid critics condemning the movie to be a disaster, ‘Puli Movie’ is a novel attempt of film making with due credits to the Director ‘ChimbuDevan’. There’s a difference between failing without putting efforts and failing after putting your sweat and heart, yes Puli Movie belongs to the latter.

Genre Breaking

Well how many actors even dare to sign up for a FANTASY FICTION? Vijay should be applauded for breaking the shackles from his routine commercial movies.

VFX- the Real Big Deal

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Bahubali was good in graphics but was it good enough to overhaul puli? Well the answer would be shocking ‘puli’ is visually brilliant and more picturesque. The glowing tones of dusk, lush forests, Lilliputians, birds, Panther, tortoise are just amazing and you will be amazed by the visual effects team they pulled it off.

No Fake Promotions

The director has made it clear even before the commencement of the project , it is trailer made for kids and families. Did the team justified to their words? The answer is definite ‘yes’. A clean family entertainer for sure.

Multi-Stars Across State

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Well, regionalism has been fading away of late and a best example is star casting of Puli Movie. You have Sudeep, a crowd puller in Karnataka and u have the veteran Sridevi capturing the eyes of Bollywood and a Telugu comedian who played his part and movies such these that define the integrity of Indian film industry. Talents are scattered over all the country what if they gathered all the shinning pearls of talents and present in one movie like this?

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Cinematography and Choreography

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Ever played witcher 3 the wild hunt game? The best made visually rich game ever, and he made transported the audience to the ‘witcher world‘ in every frame. The dance was flawless and vijay is still creating revelation and proving he’s the best in the business.