10 differences between Moto e and Moto e 2nd gen

moto e 2nd gen
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10. Removable Battery

Yup!! It’s Android style. Moto e and other Moto versions comes with the back cover but non removable batteries. But this Moto e 2nd gen have removable battery. This may be incorporated so that the people can handle if their phone hangs or battery dies by themselves like other android smartphones rather than moving to a service center.

9. Look & Design

The design of Moto e however has the same impact in 2nd gen since the back look of the phone is quite different between the two models. You can see the difference in the below image which gives you the clarity about it.

Moto e 2nd gen
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8. Gorilla Glass Water Resistant Coating

Moto e 2nd gen comes with the most expected glass finish, the gorilla glass with the enhancement of water resistant coating. However the coating is considered as an advancement when compared to its previous version.

7. Price

Nothing to say about the price since this model rules the hearts of every people who loves to have full featured android with the low price.
Moto e – Rs. 5,999
Moto e 2nd gen – Rs. 6,999

Moto e 2nd gen
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6. Display

The smartphone comes with slightly greater size of 4.5 inch display with qHD. While the previous has 4.3 inch. Hence the Moto e 2nd gen comes with the LCD display with IPS Screen where the previous version has 16M colours. This IPS LCD provides more accurate colours and sharper display. It enables the smartphone to be viewed at accurate quality even in wider angles. Usually the IPS LCD are present only in high end smartphones. Iphone has this kind of display. It was a great effort of Motorola to incorporate this feature in their basic smartphone model.

5. Internal Memory

Android smartphone with less internal memory are really frustrating to the users. Now a days all smartphone manufacturers pays attention towards their internal memory. In this aspect the Moto e has 4GB supported by 1GB RAM while Moto e 2nd gen comes with 8 GB with 1GB RAM. This allows the user to install more applications, songs, videos and pictures.

4. Battery

Batteries of smartphones are the challenging phenomena in today smartphone world. As a sign of acknowledgement towards this concern Motorola releases this gen with 2390 mAH while the Moto e previously has 1980 mAH. This enable the user to enjoy more battery backup with extra hours in talk time and 3G usage.

3. Processor

The Moto e 2nd gen is powered with the powerful processor of 1.2 GHZ Quad-core Qualcomm snapdragon. While the Moto e previous version is only dual core. This enable the user to switch between various apps at greater speed without any hassle or slowdown in interface.

2. Camera

Yes it’s Selfie World today. Everyone expects secondary camera in their front panel. Moto e doesn’t have secondary camera while this gen has the decent secondary camera of 0.3 MP. However the primary camera has the same 5MP but has auto focus in 2nd gen.

moto e 2nd gen
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1. OS

Wow it’s Android 5.0. Yeah Android lollipop. The Moto e when it was arrived in 2014 has the latest Kitkat at that time but it’s now the time for Lollipop. So the Motorola gives its users the ultimate experience of android with the latest operating system update. Even more high end devices in Sony, Samsung are waiting for the Lollipop update. But this 6,999 priced device simply rocks..!!!

moto e 2nd gen
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  • You are absolutely right about the android memory problem. It can be really frustrating to see that you can not install anymore apps. I had been searching about this problem and came to know about the technique called rooting. Once you root the android device you will have root access to your device and memory problem could get solved. However, at the same time it could also revoke your warranty 🙂

  • Moto e 2nd generation is great at that price range. Really Motorola has working great job in its smartphones.