10 Best Websites to Learn Coding Online

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When you wanna learn coding, you must find the right source to learn. People find number of books as their best choice for learn coding. But we cannot always go carrying the books in our hands. Technology has opened the way for us to learn coding in numerous ways. We have plenty of websites available in Internet to learn coding. Smartphones in our pocket has large number of useful apps that could teach us to code. No matter you are a college student or a working class person, if you decided to learn coding then you should know the best websites to learn coding. Basis my friends, staffs and colleague reviews who are awesome techie and coders, Here I jot some of the significant and best websites to learn coding online which you may feel as helpful.

10. Scratch

scratch-website-to-learn-codingAs per it’s name when you want to learn coding from the scratch, then this is the best website for you. Scratch makes coding easier by letting you code from the preliminary till complex coding. This website let you build and develop simpler games through coding. I’m damn sure you will enjoy coding if you use this website as a tutor to learn coding.

9. SQL Zoo

sql-zoo-website-to-learn-codingSQL has been considered as one of the must known programming language nowadays. Though you have plenty of websites to learn SQL. This SQL Zoo is specially made by SQL geeks to teach this language to the users online. This is one of the most simplified user friendly websites that let you learn coding and enjoy it by doing.

8. Coursera

coursera-website-to-learn-codingCoursera as per it’s name and logo offers infinity courses that teaches people who are really interested to learn coding. Coursera partners with various schools and colleges to offer courses online. All you need to do for learn coding is to signup an account and use your account to the maximum. This website is recognized as one of the best source for learning online. Hence this could readily be very much useful to make you as a well trained professional coder.

7. GitHub

github website to learn codingGitHub is the world largest git repository hosting service software that helps number of programmers to create a web world of magic with coding logic. But this GitHub not only available as a tool but also a well known perfect source of best websites to learn coding. Whatever website language you want, just git it and you will get it. GitHub well explains to its readers in a most organized manner such that every beginner too could understand the basics of coding.

6. Khan Academy

khan academy websites to learn codingKhan academy is also known as a online educational  school. This website is merely like a college  which teaches you across various subjects like arithmetic, maths, physics etc. but this is also one of the best websites to learn coding. Khan academy has wide range of top professionals available online to teach coding. Each and every video tutorials that the website contains has the ability to get you know about how to code.

5. CodeAvengers

code avengers websites to learn codingCodeAvengers is one of the best websites that teaches you to code a website, create a app and also to develop a game. This CodeAvengers offers 150 hours of classes that let you learn CSS, HTML, Javascript, Python. The beauty of this website is that it offers a complete course in 12 hours. You will be able to learn coding effectively in a very lesser time. Try CodeAvengers to turn as a Code Avenger.

4. CodeSchool

code school website to learn codingLike learning alphabet in school, this code school teaches you coding online. Code school has number of well explained video tutorials by well trained techies around the world. Those video tutorials actually helped people a lot to learn coding. Not only tutorials, this website also gives you some programming challenges to make you as a perfect coder. Code school is one of the top websites to learn coding through tutorials. You can learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Paths, Ruby and much more.

3. Udacity

udacity best website to learn codingUdacity is the rising android app to learn coding. Udacity offers specialized courses for those who wants to be a developer. You can also get a online degree in coding through udacity. This is one of the best websites to learn coding and make you as a full swing web developer, android developers and coding geek.

2. Codecademy

codecademy best website to learn codingThis is one of the famous websites to learn coding and has been a choice of many students. Codecademy is one of the largest learning academy of code available in online for those who are interested in learn coding. Codecademy offers valuable courses through which you will be able to learn Python, Java, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, HTML and much more.

1. W3Schools

w3schools best website to learncodingW3Schools is one of the most awesome websites to learn coding. You would probably do coding of your own if you use this website at  your best. W3Schools is one of the best choice for web developers and engineers who are mostly involved in website building. This website teaches coding as well as let you understand even the most complex website codings. If you believe in learn by doing then you should definitely go for this best website to learn coding.